Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Diaper Bag That Put Me Into Labour

Sometime around May of this year I realized that the diaper bag that we've had and cherished for two and a half years was falling apart. I'd sewn it up a couple of times, but this time the fabric was shredding and it was looking pretty stained and worse for wear. It was time for a new one!

I went to the fabric store and found a good pattern on sale and decided to make my own diaper bag for the new baby. Several months later, I hadn't even started. Diaper bags looked complicated and I could never decide on what fabric I wanted to use.

Then one of my favourite blogs "Sew Mama Sew" hosted a series of giveaways by their readers and fellow bloggers. I entered several of them and won some awesome Raggedy Ann and Andy fabric from "Over In The Meadow". It was perfect for this diaper bag! What a prize!

Still I put off actually sewing the darn thing. I said that I would sew it after we moved. Because then I would have a sewing area and wouldn't have to lean over the coffee table when sewing a complicated project like this. Then I hummed and hawed over lining fabric. I finally chose some water resistant nylon for the inevitable spills. Then I couldn't decide on the extra fabric I needed to fill out the bag because I would have to use the Raggedy Ann and Andy as accent. I finally decided on some red, white and blue ric rac inspired cotton.

Meanwhile, for a couple of weeks I was showing all the signs that the baby was coming. Even the doctors kept telling me every week that this might be my last appointment and that I should be getting ready to deliver any day. But somehow the days ticked by and baby seemed to have no intention of moving. I was getting frustrated.

So on August long weekend, I decided that Terry and Grandma could watch Logan and I would actually sew the bag. On Monday August 3rd, I worked really hard all afternoon and got it done (minus the strap) right before dinner. And at 4:00 I started having contractions. By 7:00 I had surmised that the contractions were real and were about 10 minutes apart, so we went to the hospital. Little baby Lane was born the next day at 10:23 AM.

Just like a little girl, she was waiting for the proper accessories before making her entrance!

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A mom of many said...

Congratulations on your little girl!!!!!!

The bag is SO cute and the rick-rack fabric was the perfect choice.

I hope all is going well with your growing family!