Saturday, 22 August 2009


Logan is doing excellent on his vocabulary. He does the typical toddler thing when learning new words. He uses them over and over until he gets their proper meaning.

Lately, he's been working on words like "too much" which he is still mistaking for "more. When he wants more blueberries he says, "Logan want too much blueberries." Pretty close.

Another word he's been using a lot lately is "better." While I was pregnant I couldn't bend very well. My socks are in a bottom drawer (bad planning), so I always got Logan to get them for me. He would say, "Logan bend better" and then get my socks.

Then I started playing Bejeweled Blitz on FaceBook. I'm terrible at that game. Logan likes to play too and he loves to repeat, "Logan better at Jewels!" Okaaaaayyyyy.

Last week, we went to show off the new baby at Terry's office. Logan was very happy to visit Daddy's workplace. He got right in there. Sat at Terry's desk and played around on Terry's computer. He checked out the phone, keyboard, various toys and gadgets on Terry's desk. Terry's co-workers joked that Logan did more work while he was there than Daddy does in a week.

There he is - "working." And now every time we drive near Terry's office building (it's easily recognizable because it's big and blue) Logan says "Logan work better."

Hmmm this "better" thing is starting to get annoying. Apparently, Logan is better than us at everything!

Oh well, I'm sure he'll move onto equally annoying words soon enough.

This past week, we also did something very grown up. We purchased a dining room table and converted our living room into a dining room/living room. Our tiny little table stuffed into our kitchen was getting a bit cramped, especially when people came over for dinner. So now we have lots of room. It'll be great once Lane starts eating at the table too. Room for toddler messes and high chairs and everything great about family dining!

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Julie said...

That photo of Logan at Terry's desk is just way too cute. What a little character!