Sunday, 30 August 2009

Rename This Blog Contest/Giveaway

The Adventures of Team T-Lo had a good run. Two and a half years actually. But now it's time to retire the name and come up with a new one that includes our latest addition - Lane! Team T-Lo refers to Terry, Tawny and Logan. Lane's name doesn't fit in there, so it's time for a change.

I've been going through some names in my head, but haven't come up with the perfect one yet. So I thought I'd enlist the help of my loyal blog fans.

So I'm asking all of you to put your thinking caps on and come up with the new name of this blog. A name that captures the essence of this particular family and story. It doesn't have to be a Team name again if that doesn't work for you. Or it could be, if you prefer...

There really aren't any rules other than it has to be inclusive of the whole family or define the theme/intent of this blog. Any ideas?

Of course there is an incentive for you to start thinking. There are prizes for the successful person!

I have yet to work out all the details of the prizes, but they will include very Winnipeg-esque things like:

- Clodhoppers
- Slurpee vouchers

And I will throw in some handmade stuff that I'm working on (hopefully geared toward the personality of the winner). I might even have some T-Shirts made up with the winning blog name and banner on them that will send to the lucky winner. I will give you an update on the prizes if I come up with more fabulous things. But I assure you, all your thinking and creativity will not go unrewarded.

Now a little bit about how to enter:
- if you are familiar with this blog, then start thinking. If not, then read this blog and then start figuring out names that would be perfect for the new name.
- Please put a comment on this blog with your suggestions for a new name (there is no limit on the number of suggestions you make so go nuts)
- You can place a comment on this blog even if you don't have a blogger/gmail account by clicking on the comment button and following the instructions. Just please leave a way for me to get a hold of you should you win (example: email address)
- This contest is open to everyone around the world. I will ship the prizes to the winner wherever you might be.
- I will leave this contest open until Saturday September 12th at noon Central Time. Then the members of Team T-Lo (Terry, Logan and myself) will go through all the suggestions and choose a winner.
- I will announce the winner on Sunday September 13th whenever I get around to making a blog post.
- And if you are stopping by here for the first time to enter the contest or read some of the posts, why not follow? There is a button to the side for easy following. I love to get new fans!

And there you have it. Rename the blog and win a prize! Get to it!

***** OK So I was busy this afternoon and allowed you 3 extra hours. But now the contest is officially closed. We've enjoyed all the entries so much and it's going to be so hard to choose. Terry, Logan and I will go through them all and pick a winner. Stay tuned tomorrow for the official unveiling of the new blog! *****

Sunday, 23 August 2009

A Professional Haircut

As some of you know from looking at Terry's Facebook, he has recently had a haircut. There were many jokes about him losing a lot of hair and gaining a baby hehe.

Anyway, we thought that we could now convince Logan to get a haircut too. He always wants to be just like Daddy. It took some coaxing, but we finally had him convinced to try out a real salon. In Winnipeg, there is a place called the "Hair Do Zoo" that caters only to children.

We went there on Friday morning for Logan to have his first professional haircut. Up until this point I had been doing the honours and I don't think I was doing too bad a job. But he really needed someone to clean up all the crooked ends that I'd created.

Logan got to pick which animal he wanted to sit on. He chose an elephant. And then the hairdresser put a cape on him and went to work. Logan was very quiet. The kind of quiet he is only when he's unsure of something. The water bottle was OK, and the brush thing to get the stray hairs was OK, but when the hairdresser asked him about a blow dryer, that was enough. There were only a few tears at the end and then he got a lollipop. And we all know that lollipops make everything better.

Our big boy sitting on the elephant at Hair Do Zoo

He was such a big boy and sat so still while he got his haircut that he earned another treat too. We went to Timmy's for some donuts! Good job Logan!

Back at home with a new 'do. Playing in the dining room table box.

Saturday, 22 August 2009


Logan is doing excellent on his vocabulary. He does the typical toddler thing when learning new words. He uses them over and over until he gets their proper meaning.

Lately, he's been working on words like "too much" which he is still mistaking for "more. When he wants more blueberries he says, "Logan want too much blueberries." Pretty close.

Another word he's been using a lot lately is "better." While I was pregnant I couldn't bend very well. My socks are in a bottom drawer (bad planning), so I always got Logan to get them for me. He would say, "Logan bend better" and then get my socks.

Then I started playing Bejeweled Blitz on FaceBook. I'm terrible at that game. Logan likes to play too and he loves to repeat, "Logan better at Jewels!" Okaaaaayyyyy.

Last week, we went to show off the new baby at Terry's office. Logan was very happy to visit Daddy's workplace. He got right in there. Sat at Terry's desk and played around on Terry's computer. He checked out the phone, keyboard, various toys and gadgets on Terry's desk. Terry's co-workers joked that Logan did more work while he was there than Daddy does in a week.

There he is - "working." And now every time we drive near Terry's office building (it's easily recognizable because it's big and blue) Logan says "Logan work better."

Hmmm this "better" thing is starting to get annoying. Apparently, Logan is better than us at everything!

Oh well, I'm sure he'll move onto equally annoying words soon enough.

This past week, we also did something very grown up. We purchased a dining room table and converted our living room into a dining room/living room. Our tiny little table stuffed into our kitchen was getting a bit cramped, especially when people came over for dinner. So now we have lots of room. It'll be great once Lane starts eating at the table too. Room for toddler messes and high chairs and everything great about family dining!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Diaper Bag That Put Me Into Labour

Sometime around May of this year I realized that the diaper bag that we've had and cherished for two and a half years was falling apart. I'd sewn it up a couple of times, but this time the fabric was shredding and it was looking pretty stained and worse for wear. It was time for a new one!

I went to the fabric store and found a good pattern on sale and decided to make my own diaper bag for the new baby. Several months later, I hadn't even started. Diaper bags looked complicated and I could never decide on what fabric I wanted to use.

Then one of my favourite blogs "Sew Mama Sew" hosted a series of giveaways by their readers and fellow bloggers. I entered several of them and won some awesome Raggedy Ann and Andy fabric from "Over In The Meadow". It was perfect for this diaper bag! What a prize!

Still I put off actually sewing the darn thing. I said that I would sew it after we moved. Because then I would have a sewing area and wouldn't have to lean over the coffee table when sewing a complicated project like this. Then I hummed and hawed over lining fabric. I finally chose some water resistant nylon for the inevitable spills. Then I couldn't decide on the extra fabric I needed to fill out the bag because I would have to use the Raggedy Ann and Andy as accent. I finally decided on some red, white and blue ric rac inspired cotton.

Meanwhile, for a couple of weeks I was showing all the signs that the baby was coming. Even the doctors kept telling me every week that this might be my last appointment and that I should be getting ready to deliver any day. But somehow the days ticked by and baby seemed to have no intention of moving. I was getting frustrated.

So on August long weekend, I decided that Terry and Grandma could watch Logan and I would actually sew the bag. On Monday August 3rd, I worked really hard all afternoon and got it done (minus the strap) right before dinner. And at 4:00 I started having contractions. By 7:00 I had surmised that the contractions were real and were about 10 minutes apart, so we went to the hospital. Little baby Lane was born the next day at 10:23 AM.

Just like a little girl, she was waiting for the proper accessories before making her entrance!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

First Video of Laney

The first video of Laney with commentary from Logan. He's a bit of a camera hog. But he didn't want to be in the video, he wanted to be the cameraman.

Team T-Lo Plus One!

Introducing the newest member of Team T-Lo:

Lane Tawny B.

Born: August 4th, 2009 and 10:23 AM
Weight: 6 lbs 15 ounces
Height: 51 cm

Short blog today with a lot of good news! Now back to the joys of feeding, burping, changing diapers and juggling it all with a toddler :D

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Whatcha Doin' Mommy/Daddy?

I know it 's hard to imagine this sweet little boy could be annoying. Look at that sweet little face modeling the new t-shirt I made for him. But he's got the bug - the question asking bug. ACK! Run for the hills!

"Whatcha doin' mommy?"
"What that sound is daddy?"
"What that says Grandma?"
"Daddy at work?"

These are a few of his faves. And if he doesn't get adequate response, he starts with the rapid fire: "What are you doing Mommy, Daddy, Logan?" all at once. Yes, he even asks what he is doing. Sometimes he'll even answer himself hehehe

Annoying - but I must admit, the boy asks intelligent questions most of the time. And he uses a lot of new vocabulary. So we will tolerate it. Terry also thinks that it 's a way for Logan to break into a conversation with us if he doesn't understand what we are talking about. Good assessment. He'll even ask: "What are you talking about?" for clarification. Nice.

The boy is learning!

On a side note: Potty training has started back up unexpectedly. Logan just decided one day that he needed to have potty time. He pulled his pants off and went to it. So I guess we're back on that bus for awhile. It's been going very well, with a few successful potty times a day and I haven't had to nag him to do it at all. He tells me when he wants to go. I only hope that he can keep it up once the baby is born. I would hate to see a setback.