Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Happy Canada Day 2009

We are all blessed to live in such a fabulous country as Canada. Let's take some time to celebrate!

Since I do have a piece of paper that says I'm somewhat of an authority on this fine country (a Canadian Studies degree from the University of Manitoba), I will now impart some quirky wisdom onto you:

- The area size of Canada is a whopping 9,984,670 square kilometers.

- There are more donut shops per capita in Canada than in any other country. We love our Timmy's!

- In Manitoba, 7-Eleven stores across the province sell an average of 8,330 Slurpee drinks per month. The rest of Canada sells an average of 5,990, which makes Manitobans the world leader in Slurpee sales.

- Pamela Anderson was though to be Canada's Centennial Baby, being the first baby born on the centennial anniversary (she was born at 4:08 in the morning). However, the Campbell River Upper Islander of July 5, 1067 reported a baby born two hours earlier on the same Canada Day.

- The electron microscope (1938), the snowblower (1925), the baby food Pablum (1930) and the sipper (1934) were all Canadian inventions.

- Canada's universal health care system, internationally recognized as one of the best medical systems in the world, began with the Medical Care Act on July 1, 1968.

- The widely distributed board game Trivial Pursuit was conceived in 1979 by two Canadians, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott. Yachtzee, Balderdash and Pictionary were also Canadian creations.

- At 5959 metres, Mount Logan in the Yukon is Canada's tallest peak. (Gotta have an interesting fact about my little boy's name and its connection to Canada :P)

Happy Canada Day from Team T-Lo!


Anonymous said...

The photo on your front page is wonderful. You all look so happy and fabulous.

It's too late to wish you a great Canada Day, but I'm from the US, so, happy 1st.


Julie said...

And we can't forget Dr. Banting & insulin!
Loved your fun facts, Tawny.