Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Father's Day 2009

Here is a wrap up of Team T-Lo's Father's Day 2009.

- First we tried to let Terry sleep in, but he wasn't very cooperative. He wanted to see what his boy was doing downstairs at breakfast.
- We gave Daddy his presents. Actually we made a Blackberry picture frame and gave that to him early. He got a card that sang "Born to be Wild" that Logan picked out himself and is still playing with. And we got him a grilling apron for the daddy that loves to BBQ.

- Then we all decided to go outside and play before lunch.
- On Saturday we bought Logan a bubble mower at Toys R Us and the boy is obsessed with mowing the lawn.
- Terry spent a good 2-3 hours outside following Logan and his lawnmower around on Saturday and another 1-2 hours on Sunday
- Terry wanted to make pancakes for Sunday brunch, but we didn't have the proper ingredients, so we ended up at McDonald's. We all know Terry is a good daddy when he agrees to take his Micky D's craving preggie wife and his little boy to a place he hates.
- Then we drove over to our new house and walked around the neighbourhood, checking out where all the parks are. Logan needs to know where all the parks are!
- Then it was back to bubble mower and parks and riding tricycle all day.

Logan has a great daddy! Happy Father's Day to all the great daddies out there!

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Nenette Alejandria Mayor said...

Love that Blackberry frame idea! :) My son picked out the "Born to be Wild" card for his dad too! He says it's his favourite song now.
Sounds like Father's Day was awesome for your family. :)