Sunday, 3 May 2009

Spring Carnival at the Forks

For something to do today, we decided it would be fun to take Logan to the Spring Carnival at the Forks. We figured that we would take him there, walk around a bit and then head out to open houses (and hopefully a snooze for Logan in the car). But Logan is a big boy now and he wanted to check out all the rides.

Here is a video of Daddy and Logan going down the big slide:

He also went on the Trains with Daddy:

This was one of his faves. He actually wanted to go on this ride by himself, but with a little belt across the seat, we were pretty sure he'd wiggle out of it.

The Ladybugs were much more secure. Logan went on them all by himself. His first solo ride! He's such a big boy. While the other children were crying, he was busy looking around, staring straight ahead and figuring out the steering wheel.

Then we stopped for a little snack - Logan's choice. Of course he chose cotton candy:

And then Logan was gracious enough to let mommy come on one of the rides with him. The Merry Go Round. We chose a lion to ride:

Since we had three tickets left, Logan chose to ride the Ladybugs again! It was a fun time. He didn't want to leave, especially because there was talk of a nap. Once we got into the car and all diaper changed at home, he fell asleep pretty fast though. The fresh air did him good. And now today he's off to the park with Daddy and then he's going to help with a bar-b-que - num num.

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