Saturday, 30 May 2009

Our Baby Girl

After 3 ultrasounds we figured it might be OK to announce that we are having a girl! Each time the technician said that she thought it was a girl. And our Doctor even took a look and confirmed. So ... yes... we're going to be THAT family. You know the ones - one of each kid, nice house (if we ever find one), stay at home mom and dad that goes to work every day. The whole thing hehehe. We're going to be so sickeningly perfect that you won't know what to do about us.

I guess I should spend a moment to explain the picture you're seeing above. Those are the latest ultrasound pictures of our little girl. Every time we go there, the baby is in a difficult position to get the pictures they want. Once she had her head stuck down in a corner and wouldn't move out of it. This time, she was busy being a gymnast. If you look at the top right picture, you'll be able to see her 3D profile. Only problem is, when the technician tried to get a good picture of the profile, the baby's foot was in the way! Yup, that is a foot that you see right next to her sweet little face. Talk about cramped in there!

Just over 2 more months to go and then we will be welcoming our baby girl into our Nuclear Family (yikes!)


Jennie said...

Congratulations! Are you going to name her Precious Gem? ;-)

Tawny said...

Haha! No way! I already know of one Precious Gem and that is one too many! We've got a name in mind, but we don't want to share yet because I have too many pregnant friends and they are all due before me. Don't want someone to snatch up our name.

Incidentally, the name doesn't fit with our family nickname (Team T-Lo) so I'm thinking I might have a contest to rename the blog when the time comes and have tons a great prizes for the winning entry :D