Sunday, 31 May 2009

Master Sailor

Last weekend we went to Tinkertown. I don't think Logan remembered it that well from last time we were there. But once we got there, he really enjoyed himself! He is now big enough to go on some of the rides by himself. Below is a video of him being such a big boy. He's now a master sailor!

In other news - I just finished making a new pair of pants for Logan. It only took me an afternoon and they turned out great. I used Simplicity 2627. I had to cut the bottoms off and hem them a lot, but that's only because Logan is just getting used to wearing pants that don't have elastic around the ankles. He spends all day hiking them up to around his knees before he feels comfortable. Hopefully he'll train himself out of that soon.

We went out today while Logan was wearing his dragon pants and he got lots of compliments on them. I was beaming! I love getting compliments on my sewing! And Logan is the best salesman ever. Every time someone talked about his pants he said "Mommy sewed them." Good boy! Too bad I only had a remnant of that fabric, or I would put a pair up for sale. Oh well...

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