Saturday, 11 April 2009

Our Walk on Lyndale During the Red River Flood

Here are a few photos of our walk along Lyndale Drive yesterday. The Red River is very high, but not threatening the houses there yet. We stayed well away from the water so the pictures are from pretty far away. But you get the idea.

This is our favourite part of the pathway along Lyndale Drive. Logan has his first teething attack right here. I had to walk him around those trees for an hour while he was wailing. It's also a nice picnic spot. Not so much yesterday (April 10, 2009)...

Here is the same spot in June of 2007. Terry and Logan are enjoying all the beautiful green grass that is now covered in water and ice.

The water is burying the trees and the path where we walk next to the river. Usually the path is about 5 feet from the river bank and then there is a sharp slope downwards before you actually see the water.

Near the same spot in June 2007. I sure hope that the summer will bring this beautiful area back to us. We really enjoy walking along the pathway here.


And for something entirely different: I've been trying to put some of my sewing projects up on this blog. People seem to be interested in what projects I'm up to now, so here is the latest:

My new maternity dress. I got the fabric in the clearance section at the fabric store. The whole thing probably cost me about $20. Nice eh?

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