Saturday, 7 March 2009

Green Day Peez?

Those who have visited our house know that we have a pretty sweet set up in our livingroom. Terry has wired up his computer to the TV. And since we don't have cable, we are still able to watch our favourite shows and movies from Terry's computer directly on our TV. When those shows get boring, or we run out of things to watch, we have hundreds of music videos at our disposal.

We even have them in a nice playlist that we can randomize in VLC to give us the effect like we're watching Much Music (back in the day when Much Music actually played videos all day). Only it's even better because all the videos are ones that we actually like!

Logan has figured this out and has started to come up with his favourite videos. Often he will come up to mommy or daddy and say, "Videos peez?" (Peez = Please).

Mommy or daddy will then ask him what video he would like. The answer is always the same, "Green Day peez?" Now, Terry really likes Green Day, but I don't think even he could imagine how much Green Day we would be listening to at this stage in our lives! It's a good thing we have about 15 Green Day videos to choose from (some are live concert footage like Green Day doing Queen's "We Are The Champions").

The boy is obsessed. Terry even set up a remote with all the buttons disabled except for the coloured ones that will skip to the next video. Logan gets a hold of this remote sometimes and keeps skipping until he finds Green Day.

Luckily, Terry has two Green Day t-shirts that are exactly the same. So I'm planning on cutting one up and making a little version for Logan. I'm just wondering when I'll get to wash the darn thing, since I doubt the boy is ever going to take it off.

So if you're ever at our house, watch out! It's "Green Day peez?" 24/7.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you can tell he is his dads boy. Gotta admire the kid for liking Green Day.

Congrats on the engagement, about time!!