Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Doodlebops Concert!

Well the day is finally here. Logan got to go to his very first concert! The Doodlebops! He's been waiting in anticipation for a month at least now and we finally went this afternoon.

He must have thought it was something special because he was so quiet. He was so busy looking at everything and everyone. We stood in line to get him his very own drum like his favourite Doodlebop - Moe. We also got him a light wand, which came in handy when the lights went down in the concert hall. Logan could turn on his light wand to fend off the dark.

He was completely awestruck. He watched very closely and seemed to recognize most of the songs from the TV. After intermission he really got comfortable and started bopping his head around. He was very good and loved to point out the pictures on the movie screens behind the Doodlebops. Horsies were his favourite.

Overall, I think he had a great time! He'll certainly be dreaming about it for a few nights, trying to process all that he saw and heard.

Here is a really blurry video of the Doodlebops singing about the Bandy Legged, bubble brained boobey bird.

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