Sunday, 29 March 2009

Denim Dudes

As in previous posts here, here, and here we've learned that little Logan really wants to be just like his daddy. So in another effort to make this so, I just finished creating a tiny version of Terry's jean jacket for Logan.

Pretty fancy eh? And no worries, I didn't get carried away and create the exact copy. I even used a lighter coloured denim. That way Terry doesn't feel too self conscious in public when he wears his Green Day t-shirt and jean jacket at the same time Logan does. The sleeves are a bit too long. I couldn't measure because Logan was napping on the floor beside me as I was sewing them. I'll fix them if the rolling gets to be a nuisance. But I'm thinking I might leave them as is so that he can wear the coat for a long time. Winnipeg doesn't really have much of a spring (we tend to jump from winter right to summer), so he won't get to wear it for long unless he still fits into it come September.

Now he can be just like his daddy! awwwww....

Next up: Yesterday I went to Fabricland and found the exact colour of fleece from Terry's house robe. And yes, I'm going to make a little person version for Logan.

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Melanie said...

Super cute! Great work, I love it.