Saturday, 21 March 2009

Big Boy Chair and Countings

Our little boy is growing up so fast! Just last week we decided to try pushing Logan's high chair up to the table instead of using the tray. We don't have a chair or a booster seat for him yet, so this was a good next step. Now Logan tells us when he sits down to eat: "sitting at table - big boy!" Pretty soon he'll be using booster seats at restaurants and we won't be able to contain him in a nice little high chair prison any longer. Oh no! Maybe we should teach him not to wiggle as much?

Another interesting thing that came out of this new found big-boyness was that he noticed all the bread tabs that we were keeping on the counter. I brought them over to the table one morning for him to look at. Mostly I just wanted to distract him while I finished my breakfast and this seemed to do the trick. We started counting them.

Now every time we are at the table and he notices the colourful bread tabs, he demands "countings!" It's actually a very good activity for him. He can now count to 10... well 9 unless he's really awake and alert. Pretty good for a kid who was way more interested in letters than numbers. (He can still recognize every letter by form and sing most of the alphabet by himself in the proper order).

Boo hoo, before I know it, I'll be sending my baby off to school. :(

Big Boy Chair and Countings

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