Sunday, 29 March 2009

Denim Dudes

As in previous posts here, here, and here we've learned that little Logan really wants to be just like his daddy. So in another effort to make this so, I just finished creating a tiny version of Terry's jean jacket for Logan.

Pretty fancy eh? And no worries, I didn't get carried away and create the exact copy. I even used a lighter coloured denim. That way Terry doesn't feel too self conscious in public when he wears his Green Day t-shirt and jean jacket at the same time Logan does. The sleeves are a bit too long. I couldn't measure because Logan was napping on the floor beside me as I was sewing them. I'll fix them if the rolling gets to be a nuisance. But I'm thinking I might leave them as is so that he can wear the coat for a long time. Winnipeg doesn't really have much of a spring (we tend to jump from winter right to summer), so he won't get to wear it for long unless he still fits into it come September.

Now he can be just like his daddy! awwwww....

Next up: Yesterday I went to Fabricland and found the exact colour of fleece from Terry's house robe. And yes, I'm going to make a little person version for Logan.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Another Look at the New Baby

We got a chance to peek at the new baby yesterday with ultrasound. This is our second trip to Fetal Assessment with this pregnancy. This time I was at 20 weeks, which is the perfect time to check on the baby's heart.

And the heart checked out just fine. Strong and healthy. Baby wasn't very cooperative in positioning, but they got the measurements they needed to see that baby was growing properly. All legs, arms, toes, fingers, heart, bladder, spine etc were healthy and in the proper place. It was great to check in on baby!

Here are the latest pics! (yes - those are tiny baby feet in the bottom left photo)

Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Doodlebops Concert!

Well the day is finally here. Logan got to go to his very first concert! The Doodlebops! He's been waiting in anticipation for a month at least now and we finally went this afternoon.

He must have thought it was something special because he was so quiet. He was so busy looking at everything and everyone. We stood in line to get him his very own drum like his favourite Doodlebop - Moe. We also got him a light wand, which came in handy when the lights went down in the concert hall. Logan could turn on his light wand to fend off the dark.

He was completely awestruck. He watched very closely and seemed to recognize most of the songs from the TV. After intermission he really got comfortable and started bopping his head around. He was very good and loved to point out the pictures on the movie screens behind the Doodlebops. Horsies were his favourite.

Overall, I think he had a great time! He'll certainly be dreaming about it for a few nights, trying to process all that he saw and heard.

Here is a really blurry video of the Doodlebops singing about the Bandy Legged, bubble brained boobey bird.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Big Boy Chair and Countings

Our little boy is growing up so fast! Just last week we decided to try pushing Logan's high chair up to the table instead of using the tray. We don't have a chair or a booster seat for him yet, so this was a good next step. Now Logan tells us when he sits down to eat: "sitting at table - big boy!" Pretty soon he'll be using booster seats at restaurants and we won't be able to contain him in a nice little high chair prison any longer. Oh no! Maybe we should teach him not to wiggle as much?

Another interesting thing that came out of this new found big-boyness was that he noticed all the bread tabs that we were keeping on the counter. I brought them over to the table one morning for him to look at. Mostly I just wanted to distract him while I finished my breakfast and this seemed to do the trick. We started counting them.

Now every time we are at the table and he notices the colourful bread tabs, he demands "countings!" It's actually a very good activity for him. He can now count to 10... well 9 unless he's really awake and alert. Pretty good for a kid who was way more interested in letters than numbers. (He can still recognize every letter by form and sing most of the alphabet by himself in the proper order).

Boo hoo, before I know it, I'll be sending my baby off to school. :(

Big Boy Chair and Countings

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Another Green Day Post?

Haha... no, it's not technically a Green Day post. It's a St. Patrick's Day post!

Since I am too big to fit into any of my green clothes, and since Terry insists that his eyes are green enough and he won't wear anything else green, we'll show you the only one in Team T-Lo that is in the spirit. Here's Logan in his super bright green stripey jammies. I made them for him a few weeks ago. They are one of his favourites!

Awww cute... I almost want to get him a green beer... maybe a green apple juice?

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Green Day Re-purposed

In the previous blog I had promised that I would take an extra Green Day t-shirt out of Terry's collection and re-purpose it into a tinier version for Logan. So this morning, that's just what I did. As you can see from the picture, the t-shirt is a little large. It was the only way I could make it to keep the logo intact. Plus, it gives Logan plenty of room to have another growing spurt. The boy grows like a weed!

Immediately after I finished the t-shirt, Logan insisted on wearing it. It was still hot off the sewing machine when I was stretching it over his head. I doubt we'll see him wear anything else for awhile. The picture below also features the green jogging pants I whipped up for him several months ago and the cute Star and Moon moccasins that I made for him this past weekend. He really is a walking advertisement for my sewing skills lately!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Green Day Peez?

Those who have visited our house know that we have a pretty sweet set up in our livingroom. Terry has wired up his computer to the TV. And since we don't have cable, we are still able to watch our favourite shows and movies from Terry's computer directly on our TV. When those shows get boring, or we run out of things to watch, we have hundreds of music videos at our disposal.

We even have them in a nice playlist that we can randomize in VLC to give us the effect like we're watching Much Music (back in the day when Much Music actually played videos all day). Only it's even better because all the videos are ones that we actually like!

Logan has figured this out and has started to come up with his favourite videos. Often he will come up to mommy or daddy and say, "Videos peez?" (Peez = Please).

Mommy or daddy will then ask him what video he would like. The answer is always the same, "Green Day peez?" Now, Terry really likes Green Day, but I don't think even he could imagine how much Green Day we would be listening to at this stage in our lives! It's a good thing we have about 15 Green Day videos to choose from (some are live concert footage like Green Day doing Queen's "We Are The Champions").

The boy is obsessed. Terry even set up a remote with all the buttons disabled except for the coloured ones that will skip to the next video. Logan gets a hold of this remote sometimes and keeps skipping until he finds Green Day.

Luckily, Terry has two Green Day t-shirts that are exactly the same. So I'm planning on cutting one up and making a little version for Logan. I'm just wondering when I'll get to wash the darn thing, since I doubt the boy is ever going to take it off.

So if you're ever at our house, watch out! It's "Green Day peez?" 24/7.