Thursday, 19 February 2009

We're Engaged!

On Wednesday last week, Terry was busy working on his resume for a position within his department. He told me that he had to stay late at work in order to submit it through the intranet. So I watched Logan all day and was busy preparing dinner when Terry got home.

He took Logan upstairs for a diaper change while I finished cutting up the veggies for the salad. A few minutes later I hear, "Tawny, can you please come upstairs? I think there is mold on our wall."

Well that got me up the stairs pretty damn fast. I walked into Logan's room at top speed and turned the corner and there was Terry and Logan down on one knee! I just about had a heart attack. Terry said, "Would you marry me?" Of course, I said yes! And cried.

So, Terry wasn't submitting his resume after all. He had submitted it earlier in the day. He was actually heading to the jewelry store to pick out the wedding bands that we had chosen a few weeks before.

We decided against a traditional engagement ring for two reasons: 1) We've been together for 8 years now. I think we're pretty much considered engaged already. 2) We're saving up for more important things like a new car and a house. And engagement ring seems frivolous at this point.

I'm wearing my wedding band proudly though. I love it so much! In fact, I was admiring it when I went downstairs to finish up the salad. Admiring so much that I cut my finger open on my other hand because I wasn't paying attention. Ooops.

Here are some pics of the lovely ring.

Look forward to a wedding sometime in 2010 (after I have the baby of course, so I look good in my wedding dress). We've got an idea of what we want to do, but are checking to see if it's feasible and within our budget.

Team T is engaged!


Anonymous said...

Sweet story! And lovely ring. Congratulations again :)

Julie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! The important things one misses when one has no Internet access for a week!

Unknown said...

Congrats you two about time!!! Let me know when the wedding is, it would be nice to try and get out to it.