Sunday, 22 February 2009


I usually don't write many blogs that are just about myself (maybe on my birthday and stuff), but I think I will today.

These past couple of weeks I've been really enjoying a social networking site called Twitter. Basically, it's almost the same as putting your status in Facebook, only you can do it a billion times a day without pissing off your friends. You can also follow other people's statuses and have mini conversations (140 characters or less) with them. There is also the typical Direct Message type thing for short private conversations and a feature where you can signal a reply to a particular person.

I love it! Lately, probably because it's been so cold out and I can't take Logan outside as much, I have been having a more difficult time being a stay-at-home mommy. I've added a bunch of mommies to my Twitter, and now I see that I'm not the only mommy experiencing the same things. Lots of mommies need their little ones to take a nap and get frustrated when they don't. Lots of mommies are brainstorming about indoor activities to do with their children. Lots of mommies stress over a good diet to feed their little ones. It is so empowering and reassuring to see that everyday.

I've also added mommies who sew to my list of Tweeple (Twitter-people). The only downside so far is that my list of sewing projects has gone up considerably, because they all have so many good ideas and many links to free patterns, crafty ideas, etc.

And of course there are plenty of websites and applications that are offshoots of Twitter. The most interesting to me are Twittermoms, who have wonderful groups and help promote my blog with a fabulous blogroll (now on my main blog page - check it out!). And TweetDeck - it's an application that I have on my desktop that organizes all my tweets into nice orderly columns that I can understand. Yay!

I recommend that you check Twitter out. You can follow me by clicking this link after you've signed up.

And now, because I can't have a blog dedicated entirely to myself, I will give you a potty training update:

Logan is doing super well! He has had a successful potty time at least once a day ever since we started before Valentine's Day. He has tons of stickers on his reward board! He is now up to 2 or 3 successful times a day. He is also starting to recognize the cues. It doesn't take a half hour sit to make something happen anymore. Logan will come up to me, say "potty time." He will then pull down his pants and I will take off his diaper and he will sit on the potty and go right away, or within a few minutes. Good boy! I hope he will continue his good work.

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Anonymous said...

I love your description of twitter! The facebook comparison cracked me up.

And congrats on the potty training success--I had such a nightmare time of it with my older child, that I'm in awe of people who manage to get it done right!