Sunday, 8 February 2009

Team T-Lo is Dino-riffic!

Today we went to the Manitoba Museum. We saw a commercial advertising their new exhibit of Dinosaurs from China. Logan has been on a dinosaur kick lately, so we figured it was a safe bet for afternoon fun.

Mommy and Logan being raptors

We were correct! Logan really enjoyed himself at the dino exhibit. His favourite part was the dinosaur eggs. That was a little surprising since there were tons of huge Dinosaurs set up in the room. There were even little dinos for his amusement - but the eggs were more fascinating. The guy working at the exhibit let Logan hold one of the fossilized eggs (well it was a replica, but still cool).

Daddy and Logan checking out the bones

Then Logan was allowed to go digging for dinosaur bones in the sand pit. He was given some safety goggles and a brush to dust off the bones he found. Finding the bones wasn't as interesting as watching all the other little kids looking for their share of the dinosaur loot. Terry tried to help him uncover one, but he wasn't too into it. The other kids jumping around and digging in the sand - now that was extreme entertainment for Logan.

Logan the paleontologist

We walked around the main museum too. Logan was very good the whole way through. He didn't even have his nap until after we left at 2:00. And he walked almost the whole way instead of lounging in the stroller. Good boy! Highlights included: the Inukshuk, the many drawers containing various treasures (although the drawers held more interest than the actual treasures), the bat cave that Logan was allowed to walk through with a flashlight, and of course The Nonsuch boat (nobody can take a trip to the Manitoba museum without checking that out).

We tired the boy out very well. He fell asleep as soon as we put him in the car. Notice that he has his dino cup from the giftshop with him in his seat.

Tuckered out after all that learning and walking

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