Saturday, 14 February 2009

Potty Time!

This Valentine's Week has been a really good week for Team t-Lo. I'll tell you about one special thing that happened. I'm saving the other special thing until all the family is contacted with the good news. *stay tuned*

On Thursday evening Logan successfully went to the potty for the first time! Good boy! We were beginning to think that we had started a bit too early. He was always interested in the potty, but somehow he wouldn't actually try it out. A couple of weeks ago we decided that he might have better luck if we switched from putting him on the big potty to his own little potty. We bought the one pictured below.

It seemed to work at least a little bit. Now when Logan has potty time, he can watch videos in the livingroom. We thought it would help him relax. But a strange thing happened. Every time we went to the bathroom to do our business, Logan would pick up his potty and join us. Yeah, there is no privacy in the Team T-Lo house.

We would ask him if he wanted to have potty time and his answer was always, "pretend!" He would then sit on his potty fully clothed and "pretend." This was getting a little frustrating by the beginning of this week because I would ask him to have potty time, he would say, "pretend" and then stand in front of his potty in the proper position and proceed to pee in his diaper!

He would then laugh and go on his merry way, leaving his mother to watch in bewilderment. So he knew what peeing was and what he was supposed to do in the potty. Finally, Terry asked him on Thursday evening if he wanted potty time and he actually said, "yes." Not wasting any time, Terry took off his diaper and pants and after some gentle coaxing and some music videos, the boy stood up, turned around and peed in his potty!

Yay! What a good boy! A few months ago when we were planning out our potty training strategy, we made a poster board that Logan could put stickers on when he had a successful potty time. When we were making Terry's Valentine's Day wreath, I let him put stickers on it. He really enjoyed that, so I reinforced that if he went to the potty, he would get a sticker to put on his board. This must have worked, because that was the first thing he wanted to do after he went. We let him pick the sticker and place it wherever he wanted on the board.

What a big boy!

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Yeah!!!!! Way to go, Logan!!