Thursday, 12 February 2009

Logan's First Craft

Logan and I set out this morning to make Terry a really great Valentine's Day present. I wanted something that Logan could help me with a little more this year. I found a really great website that showed me the way. We made this Valentine's Day wreath.

It turned out awesome. I had to do all the scissoring, but Logan coloured the hearts. He also helped use the glue stick. He very carefully put a dab of glue on the back of each heart and told me where he wanted to stick them on the paper plate. Then he helped pick out the beads to glue onto the top. But his favourite part was when I pulled out all the stickers. He had a great time picking which colours of stickers to place on the hearts. He was so careful and precise when sticking them on. He really has the soul of an artist.

And here is our finished product!

Logan likes it so much that it's going to be difficult to wrestle it out of his hands to give to Terry tonight. Oh well, I'm sure Terry won't mind sharing.

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