Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Sickies

I haven't been doing so well with the blogging this new year. I've been meaning to post for a couple of weeks now, but Team T-Lo has been through the ringer lately.

It all started on December 31st - New Year's Eve. We were all excited about doing our usual ordering of Chinese food and watching of movies. Grandma was going to come spend it with us too! That morning as Terry was heading to work, he saw a little furry creature out of the corner of his eye. We had a mouse in our house! He came upstairs to warn me and I came down to investigate. That's when we discovered something even more sinister - I had a chest cold!

Terry decided the best thing to do was to call in sick and help me out during the day. I needed rest in order to get rid of this cold. With Grandma visiting for a few days, we wanted to be in top form. He also had to figure out a way to catch a mouse.

Well my cold lasted all the way through Grandma's visit. Thanks to her for hanging out with Logan so much while I laid in bed hacking up both of my lungs.

Then on the Sunday evening, January 4th, Logan came down with a terrible stomach flu. It lasted two days. This is the first real sickness Logan has ever had. He's been so healthy. He had the stomach flu one other time, but that only lasted one night and he was back on solids by morning. This time he wouldn't eat for two days and could barely sit up. So Terry called in sick again for Monday. He went to work on Tuesday and arranged a deal where he would use more holidays for the rest of the week because my cold wasn't getting any better.

It's a good thing he did! On Tuesday evening I got Logan's stomach flu! Bleh - and I couldn't eat or move for two days. On top of my cold that just wouldn't quit. Poor Terry was so worried about all of us that he didn't have time to be sick himself.

On Saturday morning, I was feeling better, but poor Logan started up with the puking again and had a severe fever. At least the puking didn't last long. He was drinking water by noon. We watched him sweat for two days over the weekend and finally his fever broke on Sunday. We think that was his toddler way of dealing with this awful cold because on Sunday Terry started hacking!

Terry called in sick for two more days (this time he could actually use his sick days because he, not his family, was sick).

It's well into January and Team T-Lo is finally starting to feel better, knock on wood. Oh, and we caught the mouse! We tried for a couple of weeks to use the humane traps with peanut butter as bait (that's what everyone recommended) but that mouse was too smart. Our landlord came by with a trap that had poison in it. She assured us that it was locked in there so Logan wouldn't be poisoned. She said that's the kind of trap that was recommended for families with young children. What the heck? Didn't she think that if the mouse could get into it to get the poison out through the sides, that Logan might be smart enough to pick the trap up and shake it out? Yipes! So we didn't use that thing at all. Plus, we didn't want the mouse to eat the poison and then go hide somewhere and die.

We got so fed up with everyone being sick and this mouse running around our livingroom at night, that we no longer cared about setting it free after we caught it. Terry went to Canadian Tire and got some of those glue traps. He baited it with cheese and in one night we caught the mouse! We figure he/she must have gotten in with the Christmas tree because we've had the extra traps out for a few days now and we haven't heard or seen any evidence of another mouse. Thank goodness.

That was our month so far. Not that great of a start to the New Year, but I'm sure it will get better.

A picture of Team T-Lo alive and well.

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I'm glad everyone is feeling better!