Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Winter Wonderland

Not only did we put up the tree this weekend, but we also went to see the Winter Wonderland light display at the Red River Exhibition grounds. It was a beautiful light display. Even though it was a long drive for us near Logan's bedtime, he stayed up to enjoy all the pretty lights!

The following is a bit of the light show in picture form. I recommend that if you're in the Winnipeg area that you should go see it in person though. It's quite spectacular!

The voyageurs!

A penguin ice fishing - wha?!!!

Maids a milking?

The nativity scene.

Santa's Flight school.

One of Logan's favourites - the Loch Ness Santa monster!

Toy soldiers.

Santa bidding us goodbye at the end of the parade of lights.


Julie said...

I heard the Wonderland was wondrous, but didn't get to it with all the other action. Thanks for sharing the photos! Hey, have you downloaded the latest episodes of IT Crowd yet? Watched "The Speech" yesterday--very funny.

Tawny said...

I did watch that one! Terry and I were both laughing pretty hard. Terry was actually going to rig up a box with a blinking light on it for a gag gift at his IT work party hahaha.

Julie said...

Watched the Friendface episode last night. Another great one.