Saturday, 13 December 2008

Logan's Second Birthday

On December 11th Logan turned 2! He's such a big boy. He's grown so much this year and he's learned so much. He's growing up way too quickly for my taste! Just comparing to last year, there is so much of a difference.

Logan had a great day. We decided to keep the confusion down by not having a big party this year. He wasn't sure exactly what a birthday entailed and he still gets it a little confused with Christmas. So it was just him and his parents on the evening of his birthday. First we opened presents. He soon got the hang of that!

Here he is opening a train set from his cousins Caitlyn and Devin.

Here he is opening his MegaBloks from mommy and daddy.

Here he is playing with his big tub of Dinosaurs from Grandma and Grandpa.

Here is Blok and Dino jungle in it's full glory!

Then it was time for cake. Logan knew all about cake because it was my birthday only a few weeks ago. He was eagerly anticipating blowing out some candles. I made a plain white cake (so it would taste like the ones you buy at Safeway) and some nummy icing that tasted like marshmallows. The cake was a little mangled since I have no clue how to decorate a cake, but I got Logan's name on it and it sure did taste great!

Logan successfully blew out his candles with a little help from daddy. And now we may move on to celebrating Christmas without causing our toddler any undue confusion. We're going to get our tree today and possibly head out for a tour of the lights!

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