Friday, 28 November 2008

Thirty-Two or My First Mommy Bag

It was my 32nd birthday on Monday of this week. It was lovely. I got books from my best friend (you'll be seeing reviews of them on here once I read them). You can never go wrong with books off of my Amazon wishlist :D Janice from work baked me up some scrumptious carrot muffins with real cream cheese icing on them - yum! I got money from mom and dad which came in handy when I decided to sew myself a present - featured below - my very first mommy-sized purse. It's huge!

Terry took me to the Moscow ballet on Friday. They did the Nutcracker and it really got me into the Christmas spirit. And Terry actually enjoyed himself too!

Perhaps the funniest thing about the evening was learning that Logan is a little scammer kid when his parents aren't around to watch him hehehe. We don't leave him with a babysitter often. Actually I think the last time we did was in the summer. But for the ballet, we had his godfather Josh come over to hang out.

Logan, being the cute little sweetums he is, somehow convinced Josh to let him have a bunch of Coke. I'm sure it wasn't that hard. One cute smile and a few mixed-up words and presto - pop! Mommy and daddy never let him have pop. He also convinced his unwitting babysitter to let him up in the cupboard, which he totally loves, but isn't supposed to be in. Mostly because it ends badly with his crying about not getting whatever it is that he wants out of said cupboard.

Haha, that's what babysitters are for! You're supposed to scam them into giving you things you're not supposed to have and getting into things you're not supposed to touch. I love it! I just can't believe the little munchkin caught on so fast. He's not even two yet and he's figured it out.

So I had a wonderful birthday! Now onto Logan's birthday, Christmas, Terry's birthday and New Years... then rest.

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Julie said...

Hey, belated Happy Birthday, Tawny! And happy birthday today, Logan!

I think one of my new year's resolution will be to spend more time reading blogs and hanging around Facebook, so I don't miss these momentous events.