Monday, 3 November 2008

Team T-Lo's Halloween Monster Bash

Halloween was great fun in the Team T-Lo household this year. Logan is finally old enough to know what the heck is going on. For weeks he was excited about the big day. I was sewing his bee costume, we were baking all sorts of pumpkin things (pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin cookies and pumpkin pie) and there was a fresh pumpkin outside waiting to be carved.

On Tuesday evening, Terry carved the pumpkin and showed Logan how to light it up with a candle. For the rest of the week, Logan insisted on having a candle lit up several times for practice.

Finally the big day came! Logan's costume was done and ready to go. He had a basket to put his candy in. And it was getting dark. Terry took him over to the neighbour's house first. They had a special candy bag made up just for him.

The picture below is Logan trying to figure out the whole Trick or Treating thing.

Once he got going, Logan knew exactly what to do... sorta...
He would walk up to the house and stare at the person. He isn't old enough yet to be able to say "Trick or Treat" but he can say "candy!" Terry needed to prompt him to at least hold up his basket to catch the candy. It was a great fun time though.

After Trick or Treating was over, Team T-Lo had our friends over for a little get together. It was nice since a lot of our friends live in apartments or out in the country where they weren't going to have many kids. We baked up a bunch of cookies, cupcakes and cake and made a spooky electric green punch (7-Up, Peach/Pear juice and Blue Caracao). Num Num!

And of course, for the last few days, Logan has been packed full of candy!

Here is a photo of him stuffing his face hehehe

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