Saturday, 15 November 2008

If You Can't Beat 'Em - Submit With A Vengeance!

As you know from a previous blog, Team T-Lo was hoping the Canadian Election would have turned out differently. We only had one issue - Daycare Spots. And now it looks like we'll be waiting until Logan starts school before I will be able to go back to work full time. So much for helping the economy to grow in these troubling times. We aren't going to have the money to buy a house, car etc. for a long time.

We tried to beat 'em - but it didn't work. I might as well get used to the realm of Housewifedom for awhile. And I'm not one to halfass anything when it comes to my job so I'm working on submitting with my whole ass!

Being as housewife really is the hardest job on the planet. I get a break when I actually go to work in the evenings. But I'm starting to get the hang of it. Logan helps a lot. He's very much attached to having the same schedule everyday.

We get up, eat breakfast, get dressed and brush our teeth. Then we clean some part of the house. Logan really likes helping to clean out the toilets (what a weirdo!) Or we do laundry. After that is done, we head over to the computer and check the email for the latest daily dish (everyone - housewife or no - should sign up to for their daily recipe emails. It save sa lot of time thinking about what to make everyday). After that, we print out a recipe to try. Logan actually goes to the printer every morning at that time waiting for the recipe to come out whether I am going to do baking or not. He's totally trained! He takes the recipe out and puts it on the kitchen table. Actually anything that comes out of the printer he puts on the kitchen table. Terry learned this when his printouts disappeared as soon as they were printed one day hehehe

Then we bake! Terry says that he's being spoiled. I always have nummy treats for him to take to work. He thinks I'm fattening him up for something sinister - mwahahahaha. While everything is cooking, I read books and play blocks and dinosaurs and sing songs and have lots of fun with Logan. We also enjoy outings to the library on Fridays when the little kids gather for storytime. Logan is too young to sit still through storytime, but he enjoys playing with all the other little kids who are waiting for their older siblings.

Then it's lunch. Logan prefers hotdogs - just like every little boy. And then nap time. This is where I'm not such a good housewife. During Logan's nap, I should be doing something productive like laundry or cleaning, but I'm too tired. I usually nap right along with my little guy or catch up on my reading.

After the nap, I do what every stereotypical housewife does - I turn on General Hospital. Actually General Hospital sucks right now, but I still watch it. *On a side note: here is the link to a funny blog about General Hospital for anyone who watches*

Then Logan and I get ready to cook some nummy dinner. After dinner I run off to work (that doesn't sound very housewifey of me, but we got bills to pay!) In the evenings that I don't work, we're off to grocery shopping and I sew Logan's clothes. That boy is always growing out of everything. It's hard to keep up.

The realm of housewifedom scares me a little - but as you can see, I've gotten slightly more used to it. I no longer feel like it's an unnatural state for me to be in. Although I'd still gladly run off to work during the day if we could ever get a daycare spot! And anytime I feel like my lot in life is too difficult or frustrating, I remember why I'm doing all of this...

For them!

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jayjay said...

oh tawny, i guess it'll be evening classes for both of us for a while then. i'll try to make it fun.

oh and is awesome!