Saturday, 8 November 2008

The First Snowfall of the Season (2008)

On Monday of this week (November 3rd) it was a beautiful 18 degrees outside. On Tuesday it was 16 degrees. I took Logan to the park all decked out in his summer hat and light sweater. We played on all the equipment and stayed extra long because I knew that it wouldn't last. It's Winnipeg after all and it is November!

So it was no big surprise to wake up on Friday morning and see the ground covered in a cold white substance. Logan, however, was very surprised. He doesn't remember winter from last year since he was only a year old. He's seen pictures of himself all bundled up and riding in the sled, but I don't think he really believed that was real.

We've been warning him this day would come. We made him try on his winter coat from last year to see if it would fit and we've taken him to the store to buy winter boots and mitts. We're told him that, although he protests about getting bundled up now, it was going to snow and he would be forced to wear warmer clothes.

Somehow, we weren't expecting Logan's reaction to the snow. When I opened the blinds on Friday morning and he saw the snow, he immediately went to the closet and pulled out his new boots - the very boots that he's been avoiding - and tried to put them on. All this while chanting, "Snow? Boots?"

When Terry got home from work, he took Logan out to help with the snow shoveling. I snapped this picture before the battery died in my camera. He was totally happy to be bundled up and outside playing in the snow and helping daddy shovel. :D

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