Friday, 28 November 2008

Thirty-Two or My First Mommy Bag

It was my 32nd birthday on Monday of this week. It was lovely. I got books from my best friend (you'll be seeing reviews of them on here once I read them). You can never go wrong with books off of my Amazon wishlist :D Janice from work baked me up some scrumptious carrot muffins with real cream cheese icing on them - yum! I got money from mom and dad which came in handy when I decided to sew myself a present - featured below - my very first mommy-sized purse. It's huge!

Terry took me to the Moscow ballet on Friday. They did the Nutcracker and it really got me into the Christmas spirit. And Terry actually enjoyed himself too!

Perhaps the funniest thing about the evening was learning that Logan is a little scammer kid when his parents aren't around to watch him hehehe. We don't leave him with a babysitter often. Actually I think the last time we did was in the summer. But for the ballet, we had his godfather Josh come over to hang out.

Logan, being the cute little sweetums he is, somehow convinced Josh to let him have a bunch of Coke. I'm sure it wasn't that hard. One cute smile and a few mixed-up words and presto - pop! Mommy and daddy never let him have pop. He also convinced his unwitting babysitter to let him up in the cupboard, which he totally loves, but isn't supposed to be in. Mostly because it ends badly with his crying about not getting whatever it is that he wants out of said cupboard.

Haha, that's what babysitters are for! You're supposed to scam them into giving you things you're not supposed to have and getting into things you're not supposed to touch. I love it! I just can't believe the little munchkin caught on so fast. He's not even two yet and he's figured it out.

So I had a wonderful birthday! Now onto Logan's birthday, Christmas, Terry's birthday and New Years... then rest.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Logan the Headbanger

Scars on Broadway is Team T-Lo's fave band for this month anyway.

Watch out for Logan the headbanger! His daddy is so proud.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

What Would David Suzuki Do?

Check out the t-shirt I just made for Terry!

I have some crazy iron-on transfer skillz. And a few GIMP shop skillz too. Yeah, that's right, I'm too cheap to use PhotoShop and GIMP is free! Yay!

What would David Suzuki do?

Well first of all he would tell me to use a hemp t-shirt instead (but cotton is a natural fibre anyway, so I'm halfway there).

Oh well - it's the sentiment that counts...

Note: You can now buy your very own What Would David Suzuki Do t-shirt at my Etsy store

Monday, 17 November 2008

The Ultimate Lunch!

Check out what Logan had for lunch today:

- A peanut butter sandwich
- A hot dog all cut up into little pieces with Ketchup
- A chocolate chip cookie
- a sippy cup full of WildBerry juice

Nummy num! What a spoiled little boy.

In an effort to save every cent that we make and to get some of the chemicals out of Logan's diet, I learned how to make bread from scratch this past weekend. I used this recipe and it turned out great! (That is what Logan's sandwich is made of). Although it did take 3 hours on Sunday morning. Can anyone say "breadmaker" for Christmas?

This morning I baked the chocolate chip cookies too. Boy oh boy, this little boy is one lucky little dude.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

If You Can't Beat 'Em - Submit With A Vengeance!

As you know from a previous blog, Team T-Lo was hoping the Canadian Election would have turned out differently. We only had one issue - Daycare Spots. And now it looks like we'll be waiting until Logan starts school before I will be able to go back to work full time. So much for helping the economy to grow in these troubling times. We aren't going to have the money to buy a house, car etc. for a long time.

We tried to beat 'em - but it didn't work. I might as well get used to the realm of Housewifedom for awhile. And I'm not one to halfass anything when it comes to my job so I'm working on submitting with my whole ass!

Being as housewife really is the hardest job on the planet. I get a break when I actually go to work in the evenings. But I'm starting to get the hang of it. Logan helps a lot. He's very much attached to having the same schedule everyday.

We get up, eat breakfast, get dressed and brush our teeth. Then we clean some part of the house. Logan really likes helping to clean out the toilets (what a weirdo!) Or we do laundry. After that is done, we head over to the computer and check the email for the latest daily dish (everyone - housewife or no - should sign up to for their daily recipe emails. It save sa lot of time thinking about what to make everyday). After that, we print out a recipe to try. Logan actually goes to the printer every morning at that time waiting for the recipe to come out whether I am going to do baking or not. He's totally trained! He takes the recipe out and puts it on the kitchen table. Actually anything that comes out of the printer he puts on the kitchen table. Terry learned this when his printouts disappeared as soon as they were printed one day hehehe

Then we bake! Terry says that he's being spoiled. I always have nummy treats for him to take to work. He thinks I'm fattening him up for something sinister - mwahahahaha. While everything is cooking, I read books and play blocks and dinosaurs and sing songs and have lots of fun with Logan. We also enjoy outings to the library on Fridays when the little kids gather for storytime. Logan is too young to sit still through storytime, but he enjoys playing with all the other little kids who are waiting for their older siblings.

Then it's lunch. Logan prefers hotdogs - just like every little boy. And then nap time. This is where I'm not such a good housewife. During Logan's nap, I should be doing something productive like laundry or cleaning, but I'm too tired. I usually nap right along with my little guy or catch up on my reading.

After the nap, I do what every stereotypical housewife does - I turn on General Hospital. Actually General Hospital sucks right now, but I still watch it. *On a side note: here is the link to a funny blog about General Hospital for anyone who watches*

Then Logan and I get ready to cook some nummy dinner. After dinner I run off to work (that doesn't sound very housewifey of me, but we got bills to pay!) In the evenings that I don't work, we're off to grocery shopping and I sew Logan's clothes. That boy is always growing out of everything. It's hard to keep up.

The realm of housewifedom scares me a little - but as you can see, I've gotten slightly more used to it. I no longer feel like it's an unnatural state for me to be in. Although I'd still gladly run off to work during the day if we could ever get a daycare spot! And anytime I feel like my lot in life is too difficult or frustrating, I remember why I'm doing all of this...

For them!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

The First Snowfall of the Season (2008)

On Monday of this week (November 3rd) it was a beautiful 18 degrees outside. On Tuesday it was 16 degrees. I took Logan to the park all decked out in his summer hat and light sweater. We played on all the equipment and stayed extra long because I knew that it wouldn't last. It's Winnipeg after all and it is November!

So it was no big surprise to wake up on Friday morning and see the ground covered in a cold white substance. Logan, however, was very surprised. He doesn't remember winter from last year since he was only a year old. He's seen pictures of himself all bundled up and riding in the sled, but I don't think he really believed that was real.

We've been warning him this day would come. We made him try on his winter coat from last year to see if it would fit and we've taken him to the store to buy winter boots and mitts. We're told him that, although he protests about getting bundled up now, it was going to snow and he would be forced to wear warmer clothes.

Somehow, we weren't expecting Logan's reaction to the snow. When I opened the blinds on Friday morning and he saw the snow, he immediately went to the closet and pulled out his new boots - the very boots that he's been avoiding - and tried to put them on. All this while chanting, "Snow? Boots?"

When Terry got home from work, he took Logan out to help with the snow shoveling. I snapped this picture before the battery died in my camera. He was totally happy to be bundled up and outside playing in the snow and helping daddy shovel. :D

Monday, 3 November 2008

Team T-Lo's Halloween Monster Bash

Halloween was great fun in the Team T-Lo household this year. Logan is finally old enough to know what the heck is going on. For weeks he was excited about the big day. I was sewing his bee costume, we were baking all sorts of pumpkin things (pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin cookies and pumpkin pie) and there was a fresh pumpkin outside waiting to be carved.

On Tuesday evening, Terry carved the pumpkin and showed Logan how to light it up with a candle. For the rest of the week, Logan insisted on having a candle lit up several times for practice.

Finally the big day came! Logan's costume was done and ready to go. He had a basket to put his candy in. And it was getting dark. Terry took him over to the neighbour's house first. They had a special candy bag made up just for him.

The picture below is Logan trying to figure out the whole Trick or Treating thing.

Once he got going, Logan knew exactly what to do... sorta...
He would walk up to the house and stare at the person. He isn't old enough yet to be able to say "Trick or Treat" but he can say "candy!" Terry needed to prompt him to at least hold up his basket to catch the candy. It was a great fun time though.

After Trick or Treating was over, Team T-Lo had our friends over for a little get together. It was nice since a lot of our friends live in apartments or out in the country where they weren't going to have many kids. We baked up a bunch of cookies, cupcakes and cake and made a spooky electric green punch (7-Up, Peach/Pear juice and Blue Caracao). Num Num!

And of course, for the last few days, Logan has been packed full of candy!

Here is a photo of him stuffing his face hehehe