Friday, 24 October 2008

Mommy Do!

Our good friend Melanie warned us this would happen. You see, Melanie has a lot of friends with little boys - so she's our expert. She said that little boys can get demanding - and boy was she right! Little Logan has a serious case of the bossies!

He brings me his mitts - "Mommy do!" he yells. That means he wants me to put on his mitts.

He brings me his fruit to go - "Mommy Do!" he yells. That means he wants me to take the wrapper off his fruit.

He hands me a book - "Mommy Do!" he yells. That means he wants me to read a book to him.

It goes on like this all day long. Here's to hoping that he will learn "Daddy Do!" this weekend hehehehe

But then again... who can say "no" to this face?

I've also included this sweet little picture below. Logan is going to be a bee for Halloween. I'm not done making the costume (it still needs a bottom elastic, wings and a stinger). But the boy refuses to take it off. He's totally into the Halloween spirit! Wait until he finds out that people are going to just give him candy for being cute. Watch out!


Julie said...

What the *buzz*? I was sure I'd left a comment on this post already, mainly just reiterating how cute Logan is and what an amazing seamstress you are! Must be the Blogger gremlins playing tricks.

Tawny said...

Weird. I swear I didn't delete it. Blogger was playing tricks with my video one day too. It's all them internet monsters hehehe