Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Little Fish, Little Fish

Now that the summer is over, Team T has been having a hard time figuring out places to take little Logan to have fun. Playpark at the mall is still a big hit - but the boy misses the beach!

Remember how much fun he had at St. Malo Beach last summer? Well, it turns out that Logan just loves to swim whether it be in the great outdoors, or the great indoors. On Sundays throughout the winter we plan on taking him to Pan Am Pool. The pool is equipped with the best little kiddie pool ever. There is a shower thing and lots of toys. Logan has a great time!

In typical Logan fashion, he has to try to go off on his own without his parents hovering over him. He's taken a few mouthfuls of water, but this last trip he was very sturdy on his feet in the water. And he loves to float with daddy's help.

See you on Sunday at the pool!

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