Friday, 24 October 2008

Mommy Do!

Our good friend Melanie warned us this would happen. You see, Melanie has a lot of friends with little boys - so she's our expert. She said that little boys can get demanding - and boy was she right! Little Logan has a serious case of the bossies!

He brings me his mitts - "Mommy do!" he yells. That means he wants me to put on his mitts.

He brings me his fruit to go - "Mommy Do!" he yells. That means he wants me to take the wrapper off his fruit.

He hands me a book - "Mommy Do!" he yells. That means he wants me to read a book to him.

It goes on like this all day long. Here's to hoping that he will learn "Daddy Do!" this weekend hehehehe

But then again... who can say "no" to this face?

I've also included this sweet little picture below. Logan is going to be a bee for Halloween. I'm not done making the costume (it still needs a bottom elastic, wings and a stinger). But the boy refuses to take it off. He's totally into the Halloween spirit! Wait until he finds out that people are going to just give him candy for being cute. Watch out!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Little Fish, Little Fish

Now that the summer is over, Team T has been having a hard time figuring out places to take little Logan to have fun. Playpark at the mall is still a big hit - but the boy misses the beach!

Remember how much fun he had at St. Malo Beach last summer? Well, it turns out that Logan just loves to swim whether it be in the great outdoors, or the great indoors. On Sundays throughout the winter we plan on taking him to Pan Am Pool. The pool is equipped with the best little kiddie pool ever. There is a shower thing and lots of toys. Logan has a great time!

In typical Logan fashion, he has to try to go off on his own without his parents hovering over him. He's taken a few mouthfuls of water, but this last trip he was very sturdy on his feet in the water. And he loves to float with daddy's help.

See you on Sunday at the pool!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Team T-Lo Gets Political

Recently Team T-Lo has realized that Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have had their way with us - and not in the good way either!

Logan's name has been on a couple of different waiting lists at Daycares in Winnipeg for almost a year now. We're still waiting. One daycare told me that I would be looking at a year and a half wait minimum and another told me that I might have a chance next September. Oi!

So for now, I'm doing exactly what the Conservatives want we to do - and not by choice. I'm a house wife, at home taking care of Logan. Although they have never come right out and said it, the Conservatives seem to have an antiquated notion of the Canadian family, straight out of the 1950's play book. They want us moms to stay at home and cook and clean while our husbands go out and make the bacon. Unfortunately, our family can't support this very well. I have student loans to pay off and what am I supposed to pay them off with? My house wife salary!? So, Terry gets home from work, we eat dinner together and then I head off to my evening job.

And you know what we spend Logan's $100 a month cheque on? Bills, saving up for a down payment on our first house, etc. Harper says we should spend it on daycare or possibly getting the grandparents to come over and watch our little ones. Where are these type of grandparents? Logan's grandparents first of all aren't old enough to be retired, they don't live in the same city as us, and why the heck would they spend their retirement years helping to raise another kid when they could be doing all the other fun things they've saved for?

We're stuck basically. We can't get daycare - so I can't work full time - so then we can't save up to buy our first home - so then I can't make enough money to pay off my student loans (even though I graduated with my B.A. in the top 10% of my class) - so then we save all the money we have and don't go out to eat or go to the movies, etc. - so then I sew all our clothes because it's cheaper than buying them at the store.

You see where this is going... Team T-Lo is not helping the economy at all right now. We're just trying to make ends meat. This is so stupid considering that Terry and I are both educated and hard working. We both have excellent jobs. I'm afraid for the families that don't have as much as we do - what has the current government done for them?

Anyway - I guess you all know who Team T-Lo endorses in the October 14th National Election...

We even have a lovely sign on our lawn! Go Matt!

Go Jack Layton and the New Democratic Party for Prime Minister and real leadership for Canada!

End of rant.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Logan's Godparents Get Hitched

Last Friday (September 26th) Logan's Godparents took the plunge. Josh and Melanie got hitched! Team T-Lo wants to express our very warmest congratulations to the happy couple.

Josh and Melanie aren't only the best Godparents Logan could hope for, they are our best friends and fabulous babysitters. We couldn't be happier about their marriage.

Here is a picture of the wedding party. Terry was best man. The wedding was at the Aboriginal Centre in Winnipeg and it was a beautiful setting for the ceremony.

The reception took place the next day in Miami Manitoba at Josh's parents' place. It was a beautiful day and we had a great talking catching up with friends and celebrating togetherness under a great big tent. Logan loved running around the big yard and especially enjoyed the spinach dip on chips and of course, Bar-b-que!

Here is Team T-Lo enjoying a wedding dinner.

Now is the time to ask a serious question - and present Team T-Lo's first poll!