Saturday, 13 September 2008

Tawny: A Retrospective

Tawny in 1950.

Tawny in 1956 - close to the time her parents were born.

Tawny in 1962.

Tawny in 1968.

Tawny in 1972 - the year her dad graduated from high school.

Tawny in 1976 - the year she was born.

Tawny in 1978 - the year her brother was born.

Tawny in 1982 - the year after Terry was born.

Tawny in 1984 - the year before her sister was born.

Tawny in 1994 - the year she really did graduate from high school.

Tawny in 2000.

Make a retrospective for yourself.

I got the idea from my lovely friend and fellow blogger Smooth Angie D.

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Ang said...

lol It's funny every time.