Sunday, 3 August 2008

Terry's Viewing Suggestions I: The IT Crowd

Welcome to Terry's first "viewing suggestions" (ghostwritten by Tawny).

Today's choice comes from jolly ole' England. It's a comedy called The IT Crowd. Basically it's about a big company Reynholm industries and their IT department. This is a large, fancy company. But of course, they put their IT dept. in the deep, dark basement and leave the people working in this disaster area to their own devices. Hilarity ensues!

It's probably best to show you with clips... because the writers on this show are way better than I.

This first clip is the standard "IT guy answering a service call":

Hahaha to Terry this is most hilarious since it's about 90% of his day at the Agriculture Canada Helpdesk.

The next clip is when the two IT guys are introduced to their new boss. A woman who knows nothing about computers! *gasp*

Hehehe. I love Jen. She's always coming up with crazy schemes. Moss though is my very favourite. If you decide to give this show a try, watch for the scene when Moss "hacks" Roy's cellphone. I almost peed (this is Tawny speaking, not Terry hehehe. The verdict is still out as to whether Terry almost peed during the watching of this series).

The show can be found in Canada on G4TechTV or by nefarious means over the interweb hehehe.

Here is a clip of what will happen to you if you break those copyright laws according to The IT Crowd:



CHADMAC said...

I may have to check the show out.

I really love the RTFM t-shirt....

And in the second video, I believe I saw a Flying Spaghetti Monster on the wall - A major plus for the series in my books.

Julie said...

I'll have to tell James about this one. I'm sure he'll identify, cuz of his helpdesk days.