Saturday, 9 August 2008

Team T-Lo Go Camping

Before all the hoopla with my pacemaker, we decided to take Logan camping for the first time. He loves the beach, so introducing him to the whole camping experience was a lot of fun.

The campground at St. Malo was booked through the August long weekend, but we didn't mind. Terry had some time off, and we didn't want Logan's first camping experience to involve a lot of rowdy party-ers. We booked for the Monday and Tuesday night after the long weekend. We chose a campsite right next to the washroom. Because if you know anything about me, you know that I can't hold it a whole night and have had to stumble through the darkness with a flashlight in a desperate search for a washroom. This campsite even had it's own little trail that led there! Nice.

When we got there, it was raining. We checked in early because our campsite was vacant. Actually it rained all weekend, so I have a feeling a lot of people left early. Terry put the tent up in the rain so that we would have some place to keep dry until it rained itself out. Just as the tent was finished, it started pouring. We spent an hour investigating our new 5-person tent. Logan thought it was pretty cool, but was aching to go outside when the rain finally stopped.

Here is Logan chillaxin' with his juice while daddy got our dinner cooked on the bar-b-que. Nummy. We had chicken the first night. Everything tastes better when cooked in the great outdoors.

Logan did really well at staying away from the fire and helping daddy by handing him the kindling paper we brought with us. Bedtime was a little bit strange. How are you supposed to sleep when you're outside and enjoying yourself? Logan was obviously tired and we gave him "binkie" his blanket. But he wasn't going to sleep for anything.

Our friend Rej came to visit for awhile since he lives in St. Malo. Terry and him hung out and caught up while I tried to lay in the tent on the blow up mattress with Logan. But Logan wasn't having any of that. He kept getting up and checking everything out through the tent windows. He finally fell asleep on Terry's lap at 9:30! We brought his trusty playpen with us for him to sleep in.

Then Terry and I roasted a few marshmallows. I, of course, started all of mine on fire and lost most of them in the fire. I'm a terrible marshmallow cook!

Logan woke up at 6:00 and there was no stopping him. His parents were extremely tired. We even tried to get him back to sleep by taking a little drive. That only lasted about 20 minutes and then he was up again and ready to go. The above picture is Logan helping daddy prepare our lunch.

Then we spent the afternoon at the beach. Logan loves the beach, but it was a little windy and he was getting cranky due to lack of sleep. We also went for icecream which perked us all up.

Here is Terry and Logan enjoying a nice view of the lake.

Logan had a short nap in the stroller in the afternoon. When he woke up, he kept going over to the car and pointing inside like he wanted to sit in his carseat. We think he just wanted to be someplace familiar. Camping was a strange experience and he wanted something normal. We decided that we didn't have the energy for another night, especially when I had surgery coming up, so we packed everything up that day and drove home. As soon as Logan got home, he laid on the floor with Binkie and fell fast asleep while we ordered Chinese Food.

I guess it's good to be back to civilization.

We'll try again with the whole camping thing once we can muster up a spare reserve of energy!

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