Friday, 22 August 2008

Team T-Lo at Tinkertown

There has been a bit of a heat wave in Winnipeg this past week. Last weekend it was so hot that we took Logan to Tinkertown and the beach. Since you're already seen pictures of Logan at the beach, here are some of the highlights from Tinkertown.

We'll start with Logan's favourite first. The jump pillow! We thought when looking at it that Logan would be too small and would get knocked around too much. Terry decided that he would go with him to even the odds.

I watched from the sidelines and when Terry started jumping Logan's head kept snapping around. I thought for sure that he would start crying and that would be the end of that. But I was totally wrong. When those two came out after about 15 minutes of jumping Logan was still saying, "jump, jump, jump." He wanted to go back in. Unfortunately, all that jumping and holding Logan was too much for daddy. Terry had to sit down and catch his breath. The jump pillow is quite a workout!

Next we come to the Merry-Go-Round. Logan wasn't so sure about this ride. He wasn't old enough to go on it at the Red River Ex, so this was his first time. For starters, Terry took him to sit on the still chair that went round and round. He liked that enough, so they braved a zebra horse the second time around. In the picture above Logan is trying to wave at mommy when he comes whizzing by.

And of course, what is a trip to Tinkertown without a ride on the famous train? The whole of Team T-Lo enjoyed a ride around the park.

This was Team T-Lo's first trip to Tinkertown (although Terry has probably visited the old location when he was a kid). We found it to be fantastic! Entrance was free and the tickets for all those rides we went on were only $14.00. We also got Logan's favourite snack - cotton candy for $3.50. And we played a few games totalling a whopping $2. Our trip ended up costing $20. And we had so much fun. That's the kind of entertainment we like!

In true Team T-Lo, we were unsure of where the park was located. So we put the address into Google Maps. Well that proved to be an adventure. It directed us to a dirt road! We ended up getting there, but realized as we got close that it was just off Fermor, which as most of the readers know is a road that Team T-Lo travels everyday. Sheesh... Knowledge for next time I guess. Because we certainly will be going to Tinkertown a lot!

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Anonymous said...

I used Mapquest to find a salon I'd never been to, and it told me to turn onto a one way street, going the wrong direction, then on to another one way street that didn't actually connect to it. Facinating.