Friday, 8 August 2008


I don't know when the pacemaker companies will come up with a good name for their devices, but the Sensia ain't so bad.

That is the name of my new pacemaker. And so far, it's working just fine.

Team T-Lo went to the hospital yesterday morning and after an hour and a half delay I finally got my new implant. Or as Terry likes to say, I got a new rebuild, complete with new hardware and new OS hahaha. Yes, 'Borg Tawny is in tip-top shape and ready to lead her minions! Resistance is futile!

Anyway, for you nerdy types out there, here are some stats:

- Sensia is made by Medtronic (the same company that made my last one, which I loved)
- All the settings are the same - 60 beats per minute lower rate, 180 bpm upper rate etc. It took years to perfect those settings. I wasn't about to let anyone mess with them.
- The leads weren't replaced and they are still working in top form.

Some medical jargon straight from the Medtronic site:

Pacing Redefined, The New Standard

The new standard of care in pacing is to reduce unnecessary right ventricular pacing to as close to zero as possible. Mounting evidence suggests that right ventricular pacing is associated with a variety of detrimental effects, including risk of heart failure hospitalization and atrial fibrillation.


In English that means that the right side of my heart will not be so stressed. This is a very good thing because it's on the right side of my heart that gives me the most trouble. My pulmonary valve needs all the stress reducers it can get!

To look at some fancy graphs and read more about the lovely Sensia, just click the Medtronic site link above.

As for recovery, I'll have a sore arm and chest for awhile. I won't be able to lift Logan with my left arm for awhile. I'll have to take it easy and not wiggle around too much. The doctor was super fabulous. She cut out my old scar that was stretched after being pregnant with Logan and made a nice new thin one. If I'm careful not to aggravate it too much, I should have a nicer looking one. I'm all hopped up on Tylenol 3s right now, so I'm feeling pretty good.

Here is a nice little picture of the new device:

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Julie said...

Glad to hear everything went well! It was great to see you for a few minutes at the mall on Aug 2.