Sunday, 27 July 2008

Day Surgery

This is just a reminder to all my friends and family that I am going in to get a new pacemaker in about 2 weeks time. Most of you already know that I've been waiting patiently (or not so patiently at times) since October for the pacemaker clinic to call and make an appointment for this surgery.

On Thursday August 7th, I'll be going into the clinic at 9:00. They do the surgery at 11:00. It's supposed to last only 45 minutes or an hour. And then I'll recover a little and go home later that day, around 4:30. Easy Peasy! If it's anything like the last time, then this timeline is correct.

Terry has taken a few weeks off, so that we can go camping before the surgery and so that he can take care of Logan and me for awhile after. Last time in 1999 there wasn't too much recovery. Basically, my arm and muscle where the pacemaker sits is a little sore for a week and that's about it. But with a toddler demanding to be held and carried, it will be different this time. Terry is there to take the added stress away.

I'll post a blog about the new pacemaker, complete with stats and how the surgery went and how I'm feeling etc. afterwards. So, no worries, the fans of Team T-Lo will not go uninformed!


Julie said...

Tawny, would you be interested in a few trashy (or not-so-trashy) romances to while away your recovery time?

Tawny said...

Oooh I could totally go for that! My pile of trashy (and some not so trashy) romances is almost at an end :(

Julie said...

Well, then, I will see what I can do!