Sunday, 27 July 2008

Day Surgery

This is just a reminder to all my friends and family that I am going in to get a new pacemaker in about 2 weeks time. Most of you already know that I've been waiting patiently (or not so patiently at times) since October for the pacemaker clinic to call and make an appointment for this surgery.

On Thursday August 7th, I'll be going into the clinic at 9:00. They do the surgery at 11:00. It's supposed to last only 45 minutes or an hour. And then I'll recover a little and go home later that day, around 4:30. Easy Peasy! If it's anything like the last time, then this timeline is correct.

Terry has taken a few weeks off, so that we can go camping before the surgery and so that he can take care of Logan and me for awhile after. Last time in 1999 there wasn't too much recovery. Basically, my arm and muscle where the pacemaker sits is a little sore for a week and that's about it. But with a toddler demanding to be held and carried, it will be different this time. Terry is there to take the added stress away.

I'll post a blog about the new pacemaker, complete with stats and how the surgery went and how I'm feeling etc. afterwards. So, no worries, the fans of Team T-Lo will not go uninformed!

Saturday, 12 July 2008


Saturdays at the Team T-Lo house begin sometime around 7:00 a.m.

Logan wakes up and calls out "dadadad" or "mumumum" from his crib. Terry stretches and gets his butt out of bed. Tawny stays sleeping because Saturday is her day to get some rest.

Logan and daddy have a lovely breakfast together and hang out watching music videos and TV shows until Tawny comes downstairs. Tawny sleeps in and then plays around on the laptop in the bedroom, writes a blog or two and gets some much needed mommy-time. Then she gets her butt out of bed and goes downstairs to greet her family.

We then all head back upstairs and get ready to meet the day. Get dressed, showered, brushed, etc. At 10:30 a.m. we pack up the diaper bag and head to Logan's favourite place in the world - The M-A-L-L. We always spell it during the week or Logan will be sure to voice his displeasure at not going to the Mall immediately.

In the car as soon as it reaches a point where little Loags can see the heavenly place, he starts calling out: "Mall! Mall!"

We park in the "reserved for parents with infants" section right near the door and head in.
At the foodcourt, we eat our lunch and share all the various foods with Logan. Then we head to the only real reason to be there - The Playpark!

Logan loves to run around with all the other little kids and scream and jump and climb. Terry is very patient and follows the little one everywhere to make sure the bigger kids don't knock him down.

Once playpark starts getting a little old and Logan starts getting tired, we head for a diaper change in the family change room they have set up at the mall. Then we get in the car and head out for errands. Logan falls asleep almost immediately after we put him in his carseat.

We drive around for about an hour, stopping at the fabric store, or the bank or the grocery store - wherever we need to go. Then we usually drive around scoping out neighbourhoods that we eventually want to live in. Checking out the houses for sale etc. Fun times.

When Logan wakes up, we head home. Mommy does laundry. Terry gets Logan an afternoon snack. After that, the schedule is pretty much whatever Team T-Lo feels like doing. Maybe a bar-b-que? Maybe a little time at the park? or in the wading pool? Maybe we stay home and watch movies because of the rain? Who knows?

But that morning schedule is always the same and has been for months now. So, I'd better get going. Gotta go downstairs and greet my family and head to the M-A-L-L!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

A Jaunt to Grandma and Grandpa's House

For the Canada Day long weekend, we took Logan for his first long car trip. Terry had to attend a wedding in Thompson, so we packed up the car and headed north.

Logan did surprisingly well in the car. I sat in the back with him and we enjoyed reading books, singing songs and eating chips. Logan is very serious about divvying out the precious Pringles. One to him, one to mommy and two for daddy. How come Terry gets the most? I call favoritism hehehe

Anyway, by the time we were nearing the end, Logan was getting a little cranky. The following picture was taken in Ponton while we were eating dinner.

We visited with Grandma and introduced Logan to Terry's dad for the first time. So now Logan has met both Grandpas. As usual, he was a little shy around strangers, but by the end of the trip he was warming. Who can resist playing ball out in the backyard?

We stopped at the regular sites. Pisew Falls and Paint Lake (remember that Logan loves the beach, so this went over very well). Here is a picture of Terry and Logan beside the suspension bridge at Pisew Falls.

Sorry for the lack of pictures of Logan and his grandparents together. Because he was so shy, it was rather difficult to snap a pic when he was anywhere near them. And I don't have permission to put up a pic of Terry wearing a tux either. Boourns. This is probably the only picture I will ever have of him dressed up and he won't let me display it for the world to see. Oh well, at least I have a few as proof that Terry does clean up nice.

While we were there, Logan's uncle Cory had his birthday. And even though Cory had to work through the day, Logan made sure to celebrate anyway, with a huge piece of cake!