Monday, 9 June 2008

Logan's Viewing Suggestions III: Bo On The Go

Every morning at 8:00 a.m. we absolutely need to watch Bo On The Go. Logan loves it so much. It's basically about a little fitness fanatic named Bo who goes through adventures that require the watcher (Logan) to exercise with her in order to save the world from something.

It's at a level where little kids can join in too. Mommies or daddies have to be there and participate too in order to show the little ones what they are supposed to be doing. But it's great fun and it really wakes a person up!

Logan loves the animoves (you move like a certain animal to get through an obstacle in Bo's way). He stomps like an elephant and wiggles like a jellyfish. And he adores Dezodore dragon (Bo's faithful companion).

It's all very colourful and fun!

I think Logan has a little crush on Bo too hehehehe

Here are the websites to visit to learn more about Bo:

Kids' CBC
Decode Entertainment

And here is a clip of Bo in action!

Are you still in your Bo zone? Let's do another Bo boogie. The Bo boogiest boogie of them all!

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Anonymous said...

Now if they only had this show on dvd we would be set!