Monday, 23 June 2008

Life is a Beach

Logan had his first trip to the beach... finally! I know we said that we would go last year, but it didn't end up happening. But this past weekend, we packed him up into the car and set off for St. Malo.

Logan and Terry in the water

When we got there, a triathlon was in progress. There were lots of people and bikes and music. Logan thought it was great. But once we got into the water, there was no stopping him. He loved it so much! Even when we had to break for a little picnic, he kept asking, "Beach?" "Beach?"

Tawny and Logan enjoying a picnic. We had ice cream too!

And then we had to take him out of the water in order to change his little swimmers underpants and the whole time he would point towards the water and ask, "Beach?" "Beach?"

Today when I took him out on our walk, he saw the river and asked again, "Beach?" "Beach?"

I think we'll be spending more time out there this summer. Just wait until we actually take him camping. He'll love that!

Logan is one tired boy after a long day at the beach.


CHADMAC said...

Good times in St. Malo!! We should look into a day trip while I am in town.

I have everything finally confirmed - I will be arriving in The Peg on the 3rd and leaving on the 14th. A beach trip on the 5th or 6th would be ideal for us..... let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Ah, there's nothing like the beach. Looks like it was a great time. You gotta love summer!!

Also, that's a pretty awesome trike you picked up for Logan. I like the handle so the grown ups can steer. I'm gonna have to look into that for Devin!

Julie said...

Beaches are the best!
I've been enjoying catching up on the last few posts. Team T-Lo is already proving to be a well-travelled trio this season.