Saturday, 7 June 2008

Haircut and Cheese Shirt

As you can see here, Logan got a haircut. Actually that was two weeks ago, but I'm a little behind on my blogging. There is a place in Winnipeg that specializes in children's haircuts called Hair Do Zoo. We were thinking about taking Logan there for a real haircut. But Terry and I know from our own experience that Logan has no hope of ever keeping his hair short. It grows like a weed, just like ours! We'd be taking him over there every month.

So mommy took up the shears and cut two inches off. It looks pretty good actually. I was worried, he'd end up looking lopsided or worse. My only consolation was the I knew it would grow back in a few weeks if I seriously screwed it up. And sure enough, it's only two weeks later and his hair is already getting longer.

This was not his first haircut. I've trimmed it a few times before this, but that was just around the edges to clean it up a bit. This time it was a full out chop. Lookin' good!

Oh and the cheese shirt. Notice in the picture that Logan has a t-shirt with a block of cheese grilling on the bbq. It says Grilled Cheese along the bottom. Logan loves this shirt. He loves to wear it whenever he sees it in his drawer. He continually points to the shirt throughout the day and says "chee." Very cute! He can also recognize any bbq in the neighborhood and delightfully points it out and says "deedoo" (or somehting similar to that). Nice!

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