Monday, 23 June 2008

Life is a Beach

Logan had his first trip to the beach... finally! I know we said that we would go last year, but it didn't end up happening. But this past weekend, we packed him up into the car and set off for St. Malo.

Logan and Terry in the water

When we got there, a triathlon was in progress. There were lots of people and bikes and music. Logan thought it was great. But once we got into the water, there was no stopping him. He loved it so much! Even when we had to break for a little picnic, he kept asking, "Beach?" "Beach?"

Tawny and Logan enjoying a picnic. We had ice cream too!

And then we had to take him out of the water in order to change his little swimmers underpants and the whole time he would point towards the water and ask, "Beach?" "Beach?"

Today when I took him out on our walk, he saw the river and asked again, "Beach?" "Beach?"

I think we'll be spending more time out there this summer. Just wait until we actually take him camping. He'll love that!

Logan is one tired boy after a long day at the beach.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Pimp My Trike

A few weekends ago, when it was nice outside, we went to Toys R Us to get Logan a wagon. We looked over the wagons and decided that he would still like his stroller better for walks, so we got him something he would really enjoy! A tricycle!

Tricycles have come a long way since I was a kid. Now they have all sorts of fancy gadgets and doodads on them. There were some that played music and had things you could play with on the dashboard. We didn't think it was very good to have distractions on the front of a tricycle that you were supposed to ride. So we ended up getting a very simple one.

Logan loves it! He's not quite sure how to ride it, but these things come with adult steering mechanisms now, so we can push him along as he learns. It actually works too. Logan started putting his feet on the peddles and tried to push a little.

Of course, as you can see from the picture below, he still prefers a more leisurely ride with his wattle bottle at his side, ringing the bell the whole way! Awesome!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Littlest Chef

It all began on an afternoon when I had to start making dinner before Terry got home from work. As most mothers know, it's almost impossible to cook dinner with a toddler in the room. In order to distract Logan long enough for me to prepare a casserole and stick it in the oven, I dug around in the drawers and cupboards and found a bunch of things that he could play with quietly beside me.

It worked too well! Logan took the red jug, the wooden spoons, the measuring cups, the little pot and lid, the plastic salt and pepper shaker, etc. into the living room and lined them all up on the coffee table. He then mixed in a few of his choice toys: a few blocks, some bath toys, Smurfs and a zebra in with all the cooking utensils.

He's been having great fun with all this stuff for days. I've never seen him so occupied and happy to be playing by himself. He even brings the spoon up to his mommy and daddy for a "taste". He blows everything cool before we get to taste it of course. He's a very diligent chef. He sprinkles "spices" from his milk and juice sippy cup and the empty salt shaker. He stirs and adds blocks for flavour. I've even caught him playing peek a boo with the reflection in the silver pot lid. Cute!

We only hope that he keeps this interest so that we will have our own personal cook in a few years. There are some excellent chefs in my family (definitely not me!), so hopefully the trend will continue.

Monday, 16 June 2008

The Duck Game at the Red River Ex (2008)

Logan made his second visit to the Red River Exhibition this past weekend. You might remember the excitement we had with him last year from a previous blog. He was so young that he didn't really know what was going on. This time, it was different.

We had a great time even though it threatened to rain. We looked at the animals in the petting zoo. Logan wasn't too sure about touching the animals, but he really enjoyed looking at them.

Terry took him in to see the butterflies at the new exhibit where they boasted 30,000 butterflies that you could touch and look at! Yipes. Mommy cowered outside the huge tent and waiting until the braver members of Team T-Lo returned.

Logan also fulfilled one of his wishes by getting to go on a real Winnipeg City Bus. There was a display at the Ex. He's been totally obsessed with buses. I think mommy is going to have to take him on a bus ride soon enough to satisfy his curiosity.

Probably his favourite part of the Ex (besides the cotton candy that you saw in the previous blog) was the live music. Logan really enjoyed dancing and watching the guys play guitar and drums. Even when it started raining, he didn't want to leave. He wanted to stand in front of the stage while Terry and I were eating our snacks and dance and dance and dance... and I do believe there was a little headbanging in there too! hahaha

More on the Red River Exhibition 2008 in a later blog. But here are some photos for you to enjoy. The first is Logan during his first trip playing the duck game. And the second was this year, playing the same game. This time he knew exactly what he was doing!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Cotton Candy!

Nummy num

Monday, 9 June 2008

Logan's Viewing Suggestions III: Bo On The Go

Every morning at 8:00 a.m. we absolutely need to watch Bo On The Go. Logan loves it so much. It's basically about a little fitness fanatic named Bo who goes through adventures that require the watcher (Logan) to exercise with her in order to save the world from something.

It's at a level where little kids can join in too. Mommies or daddies have to be there and participate too in order to show the little ones what they are supposed to be doing. But it's great fun and it really wakes a person up!

Logan loves the animoves (you move like a certain animal to get through an obstacle in Bo's way). He stomps like an elephant and wiggles like a jellyfish. And he adores Dezodore dragon (Bo's faithful companion).

It's all very colourful and fun!

I think Logan has a little crush on Bo too hehehehe

Here are the websites to visit to learn more about Bo:

Kids' CBC
Decode Entertainment

And here is a clip of Bo in action!

Are you still in your Bo zone? Let's do another Bo boogie. The Bo boogiest boogie of them all!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Haircut and Cheese Shirt

As you can see here, Logan got a haircut. Actually that was two weeks ago, but I'm a little behind on my blogging. There is a place in Winnipeg that specializes in children's haircuts called Hair Do Zoo. We were thinking about taking Logan there for a real haircut. But Terry and I know from our own experience that Logan has no hope of ever keeping his hair short. It grows like a weed, just like ours! We'd be taking him over there every month.

So mommy took up the shears and cut two inches off. It looks pretty good actually. I was worried, he'd end up looking lopsided or worse. My only consolation was the I knew it would grow back in a few weeks if I seriously screwed it up. And sure enough, it's only two weeks later and his hair is already getting longer.

This was not his first haircut. I've trimmed it a few times before this, but that was just around the edges to clean it up a bit. This time it was a full out chop. Lookin' good!

Oh and the cheese shirt. Notice in the picture that Logan has a t-shirt with a block of cheese grilling on the bbq. It says Grilled Cheese along the bottom. Logan loves this shirt. He loves to wear it whenever he sees it in his drawer. He continually points to the shirt throughout the day and says "chee." Very cute! He can also recognize any bbq in the neighborhood and delightfully points it out and says "deedoo" (or somehting similar to that). Nice!