Saturday, 31 May 2008

Logan and the Sinister Fan

Once upon a warm and sunny day, Lord Terry decided that it was too hot in his castle. He crept down to the deep dark basement to retrieve on object that would cool his kingdom.

Terry brought this floor fan up to his chambers where he plugged it in. It started whirring and created the nicest breezes all through the night. When the night was over, he shut if off and left it to look over the place while he was away.

Logan happened into Lord Terry's room that day and saw the most evil, sinister thing staring him down from head to toe. He ran away screaming into Tawny's arms.

Tawny tried to reassure him that mommy would never let anything bad happen to poor little Logan, and that the fan was nothing to be afraid of. It didn't work.

Next she tried to put the fan away in the closet while the family wasn't using it to keep cool. Logan would play for a little while, and then point to the closet and run to mommy for comfort.

Finally Lord Terry realized that the family wasn't going to get a nice rest at night, even if it was cool, because they would be awoken out of their slumber by a frightened child. So he put the sinister object back down in the dungeon basement to be punished for causing such terror and unrest in the kingdom.

Terry and Tawny lived happily, if not a little warmly, ever after. Logan lived happily ever after... that is until we decide to pull out the air conditioner!!!!

The fan is busy causing fright and terror to little children who venture down to the dungeon to help mommy with laundry or to retrieve freezer items with daddy.

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Julie said...

That IS one scary fan. Hope Lord Terry and Lady Tawny find a way around this royal predicament.