Saturday, 3 May 2008

Be Gentle

Logan is just like his father in the way that he has to do everything at full strength. There is no middle ground. It's all or nothing. That is how things tend to get broken around here. Logan wants to read a book, but he tears it apart instead. He wants mommy to play with a toy, so he shoves it in my face. He gets excited about typing on dad's keyboard and ends up banging on the thing until a key falls off. It's totally not an anger issue with them or anything, they just don't know their own strength and they like to give everything their focused attention.

So the new lesson for Logan this week: Be Gentle!

Terry has learned the Be Gentle lesson after living with me for 7 years. He's gotta tone it down sometimes. I'm is a lot smaller than him, so he's gotta be less "death grip" and more "bear hug" hehehe.

Logan is slowly learning this lesson. We were outside playing with the ladybugs this week and Logan needed to Be Gentle with them. He didn't smush them or even poke them too hard with a stick. He was very nice and pointed at them crawling on his pants and clapped his hands instead. Good boy!

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Julie said...

Adorable photo! Looks like Logan has an intelligent, mischievous, inquisitive glint in his eyes. Pretty impressive he wasn't tempted to smoosh those ladybugs. Guess you haven't taught him the "little baby bumblebee" song?