Saturday, 12 April 2008

Logan's Best Friend

When I was pregnant with Logan, my aunt was very kindhearted to this new mother-to-be and sent me a package of baby stuff. Included were all the things that I might possibly need for myself (like maternity clothes) and for a new baby (a swaddle blanket, bibs, hats, socks). Since I barely had a clue about taking care of a newborn, I found all these things to be helpful.

There was one thing, above all in that package, that has turned out to be Logan's prized possession. I'm sure my aunt included it because: a) she had enough blankets for her babies and couldn't use another, and b) she's supermom and as such, knew never... ever to use a pure white blanket with little children.

I, however, did not know this and opened it up right away. And it took a good year before I realized the aftershocks of such a decision. Logan has decided that this pure white blanket with a little blue bear on it is his favourite friend. He won't sleep without it. When he's fussy, it's the only thing that calms him down. He drags it around the house and notices when it's missing. Every Sunday (and sometimes during the week), when I take an hour and a half to wash it, he only makes due with the blue blanket we give him for a replacement.

So Auntie Anita, Team T-Lo thanks you for such a lovely gift. It has soothed a cranky child, made him feel better when he had stomach flu, been a constant companion, made him cozy at night, and made mommy's and daddy's life easier (even if it is a bitch to keep that 5 by 3 piece of fabric clean and gleaming white). :)

Wherever Logan goes, his little friend is never far behind


Julie said...

Cute photo. It would have to be white, wouldn't it? My brother had a blanket when he was small, and he must have gnawed on or picked at this one corner until it was practically threadbare. Wash day was not a happy time.

Anonymous said...

Too funny...I am so glad that Logan loves his blanket, but it never, ever occurred to me that white wasn't the best colour choice, so kudos to you if you can keep it gleaming white!! And I had a sense of deja vu reading that post. Does someone still have their yellow blankie?? :)