Saturday, 5 April 2008

Earth Hour with Team T-Lo

Earth Hour was set for last Saturday evening in Winnipeg. We were supposed to shut off our lights for one hour at 8:00 pm Central Time. The purpose: to bring awareness to the environmental cause.

Terry and I saw this on the news and discussed if we should take part in the event. We decided that it wasn't much of an odd occurrence in our house, however, because at 8:00 we're usually busy putting the baby to sleep and all the lights are off anyway. But we did admit that we tend to leave the lights on around the house a lot more than we used to and we tend to suck up the power a little more since Logan's been around. So should we participate?

The question was answered for us on Saturday night when a storm rolled through Winnipeg. At 7:20, just as we were thinking about getting Logan ready for bed, the TV, lights, computers, everything went off! I joked about Manitoba Hydro forcing everyone to participate in this Earth Hour, but really it was just our side of the road (as I figured out by peeping out the window and all the lights were still on across the street).

Luckily, it was still light enough outside to bathe Logan with the natural light shining in the bathroom. He thought it was a little weird, but nothing was gonna stop him from having his coveted bath.

Then we took him downstairs and he laid in Terry's arms while I laid on the couch and we sat in silence as he fell asleep (we usually watch TV). The power came back on around 9:00 making our Earth Hour, more like our Earth Hour and a Half! Aren't we such good environmentalists? hehehe

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