Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Three P's

Logan has now learned the three P's: Peeing, poohing and now puking.

We were lucky to have a kid that didn't puke on us. He's spit up every now and then when he was little, but nothing too messy or hard to handle.

But this week, Logan got his first tummy flu :(
I blame Playland at the mall. That place is a big ball of disease.

Anyway, Logan wasn't feeling very good on Wednesday. We knew this because our normally fiercely independent kid was being all needy and cuddly. He would lay in my arms for hours. At first we thought he was teething, but we learned our lesson in the middle of the night when the puke started coming!

Poor kid had a very tough night because he was sick. Daddy had a tough night because he was the one being puked on. And Mommy had a tough night because she was in charge of washing and rewashing Logan's favourite white blanket.

So our Easter weekend didn't start out quite as planned. Actually the next night, our toilet overflowed. It wasn't clogged. Apparently, after getting a specialist over here, we discovered that the tree roots in the ground were blocking our drain. Sheesh!

Now everything is better. Logan is almost 100% and the water is flowing once more. We here at the Team T-Lo house are a little worse for wear, but it 's nothing that a long weekend won't fix!

Happy Easter to you and yours!

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