Saturday, 15 March 2008

Slip Up

Tuesday started out like any day. Actually it started out better than any day. The sun was shining. Logan slept in a little so that I could get in a really good workout. The endorphins were pumping and I was feeling great.

Logan was in a better mood after a day of crankiness due to teething. We decided to take advantage of the warm day and go for a sled ride. I put on Logan's shoes and snow pants and coat and mitts and hat. I put on all my winter stuff. We stood at the door a minute while I figured out the logistics of getting us both outside with the toddler sled And somehow getting the door locked behind us.

I figured it was best to take the sled out first. Then Logan and then come back and lock the door.

So I grabbed the sled, opened the door and took a few steps out onto our landing. Once I reached the top step (there are about four steps going down to the sidewalk and our front lawn), I slipped!

I landed somewhere near the bottom of the steps with the sled left at the top. Ouch! The middle of my back hit one of the steps at the corner. And I'm still feeling the pain 4 days later.

No worries though. Number one, I didn't have Logan in my arms when I slipped. Praise heaven. And number two, I went to the doctor. He gave me some stuff for the pain and hopefully I'll be good as new soon enough. It's really difficult to take care of an active 1 year old with a sore back and hip.

On a better note: Logan has discovered that he can stick out his tongue again. Pretty cute! I snapped this shot of us with my web cam.


Anonymous said...

Owie!! Hope you feel better soon...

Julie said...

Hope you've recuperated. Cute photo of the tongue-sticker-outers!