Saturday, 8 March 2008

Kid's Meal

OK, so I'm lame to be putting this blog under the label "Milestones" but I can't help it. My baby ate his first kid's meal this week!

Terry and I have been really trying hard not to go out to eat too much. If we do, we usually get sub sandwiches or something that we can share with Logan. But Thursday came in as the most exhausting day of the week. Neither of us felt like cooking and we really wanted a little treat. So we went to Wendy's, thinking that we could always feed Logan things from home. He's still into table scraps after all.

We went to Wendy's and noticed that kid's meals sure have changed since our day. There are healthier choices on the menu now! So we were very excited to be able to order Logan some chicken nuggets, with chocolate milk to drink and little oranges for a dessert. Oh boy! My baby's first kid's meal!

He actually ate it up pretty well. The chicken was easier to handle when I cut it up into bite sized pieces for him and he loved the oranges. He wasn't so big on the chocolate milk, but then again, he's not really big on milk to begin with. What a cutey!

Oh and he did get a toy with the meal, but unfortunately it was for children 3 and up. But that didn't seem to matter. He enjoyed looking at the fancy bag it all came in instead.

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