Saturday, 29 March 2008

Dis and Dat

Logan has been very talkative lately, which is awesome. Like most little boys, he has an active curiosity about the things around him.

Mommy picks Logan up out of this crib in the morning. Logan points to the closet where his stuffed animals are looking at him: "Dat?" he asks.

Daddy picks Logan up out of his highchair after breakfast. Logan points to the dishes in the sink: "Dat?" he asks.

Logan is playing in the bedroom while mommy watches her afternoon Soap. He brings over mommy's pajama pants: "Dis?" he asks.

Logan is playing downstairs in the livingroom while daddy watches music videos. He brings over some mail that daddy had on his desk: "Dis?" he asks.

And so on and so on .... forever.

This kid never gets tired of asking what everything is! It's awesome! He's so curious and he's learning a ton of new words because of it. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of him!

This is Logan on Easter morning.
He opened up his chocolate, put one in his mouth and then asked: "Dis?"

Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Three P's

Logan has now learned the three P's: Peeing, poohing and now puking.

We were lucky to have a kid that didn't puke on us. He's spit up every now and then when he was little, but nothing too messy or hard to handle.

But this week, Logan got his first tummy flu :(
I blame Playland at the mall. That place is a big ball of disease.

Anyway, Logan wasn't feeling very good on Wednesday. We knew this because our normally fiercely independent kid was being all needy and cuddly. He would lay in my arms for hours. At first we thought he was teething, but we learned our lesson in the middle of the night when the puke started coming!

Poor kid had a very tough night because he was sick. Daddy had a tough night because he was the one being puked on. And Mommy had a tough night because she was in charge of washing and rewashing Logan's favourite white blanket.

So our Easter weekend didn't start out quite as planned. Actually the next night, our toilet overflowed. It wasn't clogged. Apparently, after getting a specialist over here, we discovered that the tree roots in the ground were blocking our drain. Sheesh!

Now everything is better. Logan is almost 100% and the water is flowing once more. We here at the Team T-Lo house are a little worse for wear, but it 's nothing that a long weekend won't fix!

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Slip Up

Tuesday started out like any day. Actually it started out better than any day. The sun was shining. Logan slept in a little so that I could get in a really good workout. The endorphins were pumping and I was feeling great.

Logan was in a better mood after a day of crankiness due to teething. We decided to take advantage of the warm day and go for a sled ride. I put on Logan's shoes and snow pants and coat and mitts and hat. I put on all my winter stuff. We stood at the door a minute while I figured out the logistics of getting us both outside with the toddler sled And somehow getting the door locked behind us.

I figured it was best to take the sled out first. Then Logan and then come back and lock the door.

So I grabbed the sled, opened the door and took a few steps out onto our landing. Once I reached the top step (there are about four steps going down to the sidewalk and our front lawn), I slipped!

I landed somewhere near the bottom of the steps with the sled left at the top. Ouch! The middle of my back hit one of the steps at the corner. And I'm still feeling the pain 4 days later.

No worries though. Number one, I didn't have Logan in my arms when I slipped. Praise heaven. And number two, I went to the doctor. He gave me some stuff for the pain and hopefully I'll be good as new soon enough. It's really difficult to take care of an active 1 year old with a sore back and hip.

On a better note: Logan has discovered that he can stick out his tongue again. Pretty cute! I snapped this shot of us with my web cam.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Kid's Meal

OK, so I'm lame to be putting this blog under the label "Milestones" but I can't help it. My baby ate his first kid's meal this week!

Terry and I have been really trying hard not to go out to eat too much. If we do, we usually get sub sandwiches or something that we can share with Logan. But Thursday came in as the most exhausting day of the week. Neither of us felt like cooking and we really wanted a little treat. So we went to Wendy's, thinking that we could always feed Logan things from home. He's still into table scraps after all.

We went to Wendy's and noticed that kid's meals sure have changed since our day. There are healthier choices on the menu now! So we were very excited to be able to order Logan some chicken nuggets, with chocolate milk to drink and little oranges for a dessert. Oh boy! My baby's first kid's meal!

He actually ate it up pretty well. The chicken was easier to handle when I cut it up into bite sized pieces for him and he loved the oranges. He wasn't so big on the chocolate milk, but then again, he's not really big on milk to begin with. What a cutey!

Oh and he did get a toy with the meal, but unfortunately it was for children 3 and up. But that didn't seem to matter. He enjoyed looking at the fancy bag it all came in instead.

Saturday, 1 March 2008


Team T-Lo really doesn't have anything new to report. Logan is walking pretty well and getting into everything. We're both exhausted from a few nights of staying awake with a teething child. It's the weekend!

Check out that winning smile!