Saturday, 9 February 2008

How To: Make Personalized Valentine's Flowers

Today we are going to do some Valentine's Day arts and crafts for Terry (daddy). It's a week in advance so that you may also try to make these pretty flowers if you want. They are a great thing to do with kids. Logan is only a year old and he had fun colouring the hearts and picking out the pipe cleaner.

You will need:
- Valentine's Day coloured construction paper. We had white, pink and red
- Coloured pipe cleaner for the stem. We used silver and green
- A marker or glitter glue to write your message with
- Fasteners called "brads" to keep the petals in place. We used heart shaped ones for this occasion.

First you want to decide what colour the petals of your flower are going to be. I chose red for one flower and pink for the other. Take the piece of construction paper you choose and fold it into four.

Next, draw a heart the size that you want your "heart" petals to be on the 1/4th square of paper. Hint: You can use a large heart cookie cutter to trace a heart on the paper if you want it to be precise. I opted for freehand because lopsided hearts are filled with more love.

Cut along your trace. You should have four large heart shaped pieces.

Repeat this again, so that you have eight heart-shaped petals. You could alternate colours if you want a more intricate look to your flower. You could also choose to have more of less petals, depending on the message that you want to write on them. Eight seems to be a good number though.

Next you want to choose a complimentary colour for the inner layer of your petals. I chose white.

Cut a piece of that complimentary paper in half. Fold if in half again two more times. Draw another heart on the paper and cut along the lines.

This should give you eight inner petals. You can use all eight, but I found four to be more than sufficient. I used the other four on my second flower.

At this point I let Logan decorate his petals. He isn't quite into the colouring yet. He prefers to put the crayons in his mouth, but he did a pretty good job anyway. And Terry loves the effort.

Take all of your petals and put a small hole in the bottom of the heart. Depending on the size of the Brad, you will need larger or smaller holes. Just make sure that when you insert the fastener, the petals are still able to move around and be shaped. You want your sweetheart to be able to read the message you place on the petals.

A one-hole punch is the perfect trick to accomplish this task if you have large enough Brads. I opted for heart-shaped ones and they were too small for that, so I had to wing it.

At this point, you can write a heartfelt message on the petals. Because Logan was helping, I couldn't get into too much detail for mine. I put one word on each petal: "To my soul-mate Terry, love from Tawny" and "To the world's greatest Dad, Love from Logan."

You can, however, place poetry, or a long love letter on the petals. The flowers look really beautiful with lots of words on each petal. If you don't have a baby around, you can even decorate the petals with glitter pen! If you do have children around, crayola works just as well and contains just as much love!

Next, you want to insert the brad. First take the inner petals and insert the brad through the holes you made.

Next, arrange the outer petals (the ones with your message) in order and insert the brad so that the start of your message is on top.

Fan the petals out so that they resemble a flower.

Now all you need is a stem. That we make from pipe cleaner. You can also use fancy wire to make the stem if you want a more professional look. I used pipe cleaner mainly because when I was in Michael's with Terry the other day, he mentioned that pipe cleaner reminded him of when he was a kid.

Choose a colour for your stem. Logan chose silver and I opted for the traditional green. Take two pieces of pipe cleaner (so you can mix and match if you choose), and wind them around each other. This gives strength to the stem.

Next, insert the two ends of the pipe cleaner behind the Brad on the back of your flower. This should hold it in place. In case your Brad was particularly small like mine, you can dab a bit of glue to hold the stem in place. Just make sure the you don't too much glue on the back or your petals won't move!

And voila! You have a perfect, personalized flower to give to your sweetheart.

I even put mine in a vase. Some extra hints: You may spritz the petals with your favourite perfume. That way every time your honey looks at them, they will remind him/her of you.
You can also skip the stem part and attach ribbon instead and place the flower inside your Valentine's Day card.

I apologize for the crappiness of the pictures. I'm no photographer. But they do the trick anyway. You all get the idea.

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